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Match & Coarse Bundles and Kits

Match & Coarse Bundles and Kits

As the popularity around fishing continues to grow, so to do the number of anglers looking to take up the sport. However, with so many different rods, reels, bedchairs and bivvies to choose from making your start in the sport could not be any easier. At Outlaw Pro, we aim to make the process of purchasing your fishing gear much easier. Regardless of whether you are looking for a coarse fishing starter kit or looking for match fishing starter kits to get you ready for an upcoming match, we provide you with several different coarse and match fishing starter kits to make sure you have exactly what you need with you when heading out on the bank. In addition to this, the match fishing starter kits are the perfect choice for getting your children into fishing as it provides them with the rod the reel and everything needed to get them started. With a range of products from Shimano, Korum, Drennan and Preston all featured within our match fishing starter kits, you can get yourself out on the water and catching fish in no time. Each of the coarse fishing starter kit options and other starter kits that we have available are designed to be expanded upon. Whether you decide to use it as is until you develop your skills or decide to upgrade the rod and the reel within just a few months, the choice is completely up to you when it comes to catering to how you fish and the items that you want to use. Alongside our match and coarse fishing starter kits, we also provide you with the option of a pellet bundle. This bundle features the ability to buy four 1kg bags of pellet and get a fifth one completely free for just £11.96. This deal allows you to pick from Banoffee, Attract Natural, Seafood Supreme, Krilla, Raspberry Rush, Plum and Mulberry to choose the perfect pellet for you. With each of these six flavours working to entice the fish, this bundle is the perfect way of trying out pellet alongside your other baits at an affordable cost making it work for you and your fishing style. These pellets can be used in conjunction with the coarse fishing starter kit and other coarse fishing gear to ensure you have all that you need when heading out on the bank. Regardless of whether you have been fishing for years or you are just starting, the use of a coarse fishing starter kit is the perfect way to get started. You can not only purchase one of these kits for yourself to get you back into the sport, but you can also purchase one for a friend or a family member allowing you to enjoy the sport with them. With the affordable match fishing starter kits as well as several other fishing starter sets on the market, you can get more people involved in the joy of fishing with an affordable kit that contains everything you need to get yourself started fishing, allowing you to update your kit and build your own tackle gear.