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Outlaw Pro Cooking Equipment

Outlaw Pro Cooking Equipment

There is nothing better than bacon sandwiches and the perfect brew down by the bank when you are out fishing with your friends and family and with the right cooking equipment, you can ensure you get it right every single time. Not only do you need this equipment to be reliable when being used repeatedly, but you also need it to be compact enough to provide a practical solution to aid you in reducing the amount of fishing gear that you bring to the bank. As a result of this, brands such as Jetboil have been providing anglers all over the world with the ability to boil water and cook food in a matter of minutes making it perfect for any angler. But what about issues such as storing water and eating? The Outlaw Pro Cooking Equipment range is a must for any angler that is heading out onto the bank as it provides you with products that are the perfect addition to your cooking equipment to provide you with everything you need. Regardless of whether you are looking for a 10-litre water container or you are looking for a reusable mug for your favourite brew, the Outlaw Pro Cooking Equipment range is a must. Not only is the water container large enough to hold water for showers as well as cooking and boiling the kettle but it can slot under your sleep system or place it in the back of your car and ensure you are never short on water when you are down at the bank.

In addition to the Outlaw Pro own brand products, we also stock over 40 of the industry’s leading brands online and in-store in both the Kent and Billericay stores! With brands such as Jetboil, Nash, RidgeMonkey and more all providing you with additional cooking equipment, you can get your hands on some of the industry’s equipment at affordable prices. With items such as the Jetboil Carbon and the RidgeMonkey Grilla BBQ as well as several other brands offering you cooking equipment and accessories, there is cooking equipment to suit every angler regardless of the budget they have. As the cooking equipment required by anglers continues to grow, the development of new and improved products has become more important than ever before. With this comes the benefit of compact cooking equipment that can fit within your luggage or your tackle barrow allowing you to minimise the amount of kit you are bringing with you without compromising on the quality of food or drink that you will get when you are on the bank. Want more savings on your cooking equipment? Become an Outlaw Pro Member. Not only will you receive membership discounts of 10% on Outlaw Pro products, but you will also receive 5% discounts on other brands both online and in-store when shopping with us. In addition, you will also receive free next-working-day delivery on all orders placed before 2 pm that are over the value of £20 allowing you to get all your cooking equipment sooner and out on the bank even quicker!