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Outlaw Pro Lighting

Outlaw Pro Lighting

With many anglers heading out on the bank all year round, the need for lighting products is a must. Whether it be lighting for your bivvy or a head torch for you to head out on the bank, there are several options out there on the market that can benefit an angler and ensure your angling experience is a positive one. When it comes to combatting the darkness the Outlaw Pro Lighting Range is one for you. With the option of both a bivvy light and a head torch, you can find the lighting you need based on your discipline. Regardless of whether you are a Match and Coarse angler, Carp angler or someone looking for lighting for when they head out predator fishing, this lighting range can help you find the lighting that you need all in one place. As part of the Outlaw Pro lighting range, we have several products that provide you with various levels of light that you need. With the Outlaw Pro Head Torch, you get the light that you need with the Outlaw Pro Head Torch with gesture control. This is ideal for those that are heading out on the bank in the depth of the night as it provides you with various light modes at a wave of a hand. Whether you are fishing from a boat or running from the bivvy to the rods to make sure you never miss a catch, this is the perfect way of ensuring you have lighting when you need it. Alongside the Outlaw Pro Head Torch, there is also the option of a bivvy light with a colour changing capability.

With a simple remote that you can place in your pocket or on a bedside table, the bivvy light is something that can benefit you in the long term. With simple magnetic mounting as well as the ability to change the colour to one of the five light modes with 250 hours of battery life, several benefits can come from using this item in the Outlaw Pro Lighting Range to enhance your overall experience and ensure you are never left in the dark when on the bank even on the darkest and coldest of winter nights. With each of these electrical items providing you with the power that you need, having a charger in the form of a PRO-PAC can provide you with those extra hours of power, providing you with all the lighting you need to ensure that you have what you need at every stage. Looking to get a discount on your power items? Shop online with us here at Outlaw Pro. Not only will you receive free next-working-day delivery on your items, but an Outlaw Pro Membership will also provide you with a 10% discount on all Outlaw Pro items as well as 5% on all other items available both online and in our megastores. Add your Outlaw Pro Lighting items to your basket today and make sure that you are never left in the dark again!