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Carp Rod Pods, Rests & Support

Carp Rod Pods, Rests & Support

Fishing can be a workout when out on the bank, especially when it comes to working the fish, but with the use of a carp rod pod, you can have your rods sitting perfectly still on the side of the bank without any disruption to the surface of the water. With a designated carp fishing rod pod allowing you to have up to 4 rods on the go at once, this is the perfect bit of kit to help improve your catch and give your arms a break when you are out on the bank. With options for a single rod as well as options for multiple rods and even rests for landing nets, taking the time to do your research can make all the difference when purchasing carp rod pod systems.

Regardless of whether you are looking to invest in a carp rod pod for just a singular rod to get you started or looking for a whole set-up to bring with you on an extended trip, we have over 40 brands both online and in-store that can provide you with exactly that. Whether you opt for the Cygnet Sniper Bankstick or you are looking for an entire set-up such as the Nash Rod Pod, we have several of the leading brands that provide you with everything you need all in one amazing piece of kit from fishing rod support systems to multiple carp rod pod setups, there are several carp rod pod systems out there for any angler regardless of their experience level of the number of rods that they are looking to support.

When looking for rod pods, you need to consider not only the size of the carp rod pod that you are bringing to the bank with you but the functionality that you are expecting to get from your system. Is it easy enough to put up when you are on the swim? How much does it weigh? Is it within your budget? When you have considered each of these variables, you can then begin to set about choosing the carp fishing rod pod that works for you. With some of the leading carp fishing rod pod brands such as Nash, Solar, Avid, Cygnet and Sonik to name just a few, we are sure you will find the right fishing rod support and carp fishing rod pod systems that works for your style of fishing, all without taking up too much room in your tackle bag. Whether you are a Nash fan looking for all the latest gear or are a first-time angler looking for an affordable Bankstick, Outlaw Pro can help you!

Alongside the extensive range of carp fishing rod pod systems, we are also proud to provide you with several different delivery options. If you order your rod pod system from us before 2 pm between Monday and Thursday, we will provide you with free next-working-day delivery on us. We provide ourselves on offering outstanding customer service that gets your order from our store and to your door within just one working day, getting you out on the bank doing what you love even sooner.