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Carp Tech

Carp Tech

Having too much tackle out on the bank with you when fishing is something we are all guilty of. But with so much to take to make sure that you are getting the very best out of the water you are fishing it is the tech that is often forgotten when you need it the most. With some of the latest carp tech out there on the market available here at Outlaw Pro, you can get a head start on working towards successfully catching your new personal best in no time at all, regardless of the location of your trip or the length that you are travelling for.

With a wide range of different brands providing you with the very latest and best in carp technology, it can be difficult to determine which is worth the investment. With flexible arms, polarised phone filters, wireless chargers and more, there are several different pieces of carp technology that you can benefit from using when you are out fishing. Regardless of whether you are looking to charge all your devices on the bank using the Outlaw Pro PRO-PAC or you are looking to keep your bivvy completely mosquito-free with the Wolf Mozzi Zappa & Bivvy Light, it is these technological advancements that have continued to innovate and provided anglers with solutions to problems that they didn’t even know they had.

If you are a lover of capturing the perfect shot of your perfect fish, there is a large amount of carp tech tailored to the photographer. Regardless of whether you are looking to invest in a phone holder such as the Deeper Phone Holder for your rod or you are looking for a filter to aid you in getting the perfect shot such as the Fortis Polarised Phone Filter or the Wolf Bluetooth Remote Shutter Release for your mobile, there is so much of the latest Carp tech out there to help you get the very best shot of your fish.

There is also a wide array of carp technology specifically designed to help even the most inexperienced of anglers. Whether it be something as simple as a part of the latest binoculars to help you see further out into the water or a Deeper Flexible Arm Mount 2.0 to hold your rods when you are out on the water in a kayak, there are numerous carp tech innovations that have been specifically designed to make the life of the angler even easier than ever before, regardless of the weather conditions.

With all this carp tech available, we understand that you will want your item to get to you as soon as possible. Therefore, we provide Outlaw Pro customers with free next day delivery on all orders over £20 that have been ordered by 2 pm between Monday and Thursday. With this delivery option being exclusive to Outlaw Pro, we pride ourselves on giving out customers fast service that they can trust.