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Match & Coarse Fishing Rods

Match & Coarse Fishing Rods

When looking on the market for a match rod, you are met with several different options on the market. Whether it be a floating rod you are looking for or you are looking for a quiver tip match rod or feeder fishing rods there are several different rods, all of which provide you with a very different fishing experience. If you are looking for a rod that breaks down into three equal sections with either a through action or a tip action you can get the very best of a 10ft, 15ft or even 20ft rod when choosing a floater rod. Due to the longer length of the rod, this is often better for long-distance casting. However, the length can also be a good shock absorber when it comes to playing the fish, allowing you to get the very best fishing experience with hopefully a brand-new personal best. Quiver tips match fishing rods are typically between 9 to 11ft and are typically made up of 2 different sections and are typically used to fish on the bottom. A quiver tip is a small section that is pushed into the end of the rod. When a fish bites the rod tip then moves before it is pulled around by the fish. This can be used alongside bait alarms and other pieces of equipment to ensure that you never miss a catch regardless of the type of fish that you are catching or the length of the match. The final rod type to consider when you are looking for a match rod is a feeder rod, this match fishing rod can typically range between 9ft and 12ft. This is used for fishing with the bait on the bottom without using a float. The top of this rod is a quiver tip, and the rest of the rod is significantly stronger to ensure that you have everything you need all in one place. With the right match fishing rod, you can get the very best out of your fishing experience and work your way towards winning the match. With so many different options out there for you to choose from, you can ensure your getting the very best out of your match fishing equipment, regardless of the rod type that you are choosing to fish with. Alongside this, we also have several different rod accessories to ensure that your match rod givers you everything you need to play the fish and get the best out of your catch. When you have chosen the match rod you are looking to use, you can rest assured you will get all your items to your door as quickly as possible. If any order over the value of £20 is placed before 2 pm between Monday to Thursday, you will benefit from free next-working-day delivery on your order, this gets all your brand-new items from our store and too your door within just a few minutes, allowing you to get out on the bank doing what you love most.