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Match & Coarse Fishing Trolleys

Match & Coarse Fishing Trolleys

When heading out to the bank, you want to make sure that your tackle is as organised as possible. Therefore, having tackle boxes as well as a match fishing trolley to carry all your gear is a must. Regardless of whether you are someone who travels light when heading out on the bank or are an angler that is known for travelling with a huge amount of gear, having a match trolley is the perfect bit of kit to make sure you get all your gear to and from the bank without having to carry it all by hand. When purchasing a match fishing trolley, it is important to consider not only the size but the additional extras that you can add to the product. Many match trolleys providing you with a robust design that can be extended and added to. With the Preston Four-Wheeled Shuttle, you can transport your seat box and all your other gear to the bank in half the amount of time all whilst limiting the impact it has on your body. With an easy dismantling option as well as the ability to use the loading compartment for clothes and other gear, this is the perfect way to get everything you need from the car to the bank with ease. With solid wheels to avoid punctures as well as adjustable wheels to provide you with all the ground clearance that you need for different terrains, you can get your gear to and from the bank in no time at all. With many match fishing trolleys providing you with additional extras such as side storage as well as racks to hold bags, this can all aid you in building the perfect match trolley that you know is built to last when you are out on the bank. With many matches taking place up and down the country as well as abroad, having a trolley that you can fold down and put in the boot of your car is a must to reduce the amount of space taken up in the car. Therefore, taking the time to find a durable match trolley that you can easily fold and put in the boot of the car will play a huge role in getting your items to and from the car without any potential injuries. If you are travelling with more than one person, bringing a match trolley with you can make not only carrying your gear but storing it allowing you both to have access to organised tackle and gear without having to search through your tackle. Regardless of whether you are looking for a match fishing trolley for a last-minute entry into a match or looking to just replace your match fishing trolley from last season, Outlaw Pro have everything you need in one easy to find location. When you order from us, you will also be entitled to free next-working-day delivery should your items come to over the value of £20. To qualify for this delivery type, your order will need to be placed before 2 pm between Monday & Thursday allowing you to get out on the bank and fishing even sooner.