The range of Bivvies out there is so vast across colours, sizes, add-ons, suitability for certain terrains and weather that to answer the question: What is the Bivvy on the market? You need to first ask yourself: What do you want from your shelter?

Our helpful 2021 guide below answers all the questions you could possibly want to ask when it comes to choosing the perfect Bivvy for you.

Why is it called a Bivvy? 

What do you want from your bankside shelter?

What’s better, a Bivvy or a Brolly?

What is the best way for beating mosquitos?

What is the optimum size?

What is the easiest to set up and put away?

What is the best Bivvy storage system?

What is the one for lightweight trips?

What’s the coolest colour?

What is the best place to set up?

Now you’ve got the best Bivvy, what will complete the look?

What are the best Pegs?

When is it not suitable to use your Bivvy?

Why is it called a Bivvy?

Trakker Tempest 100T Best Bivvy

A Bivvy is simply a temporary shelter. For the hardcore anglers amongst us, it can range from just a Bivvy sack and kipping under the stars to a full-blown setup with walls, entrances, windows and a cooking setup – the latter is ultimately what you’re looking for when asking: what is the Bivvy for you?

What do you want from your bankside shelter?

Although it’s a non-permanent home for you, you still want it to provide several functions when bankside: to keep you and your gear dry, to keep you warm, and to provide you with a large and safe space to store items such as your carp bed chairs, Bivvy Organiser and Rods

You want your Bivvy to be a cool place in the summer, but also have the capabilities to keep you snug in the winter. 

Lightweight yet durable, easy to pack up yet sturdy – your Bivvy needs to be capable of holding its own in the extremes of any climate or weather.

Although it sounds like you’re asking for a lot, with Bivvies it’s commonplace to be able to secure your all-year-round shelter.

Oh, and you want it to look cool, too, don’t you?! The ideal Bivvy on the market for that is the Avid HQ Dual-Layer Bivvy and its custom-camo design, including slick-looking camo-mesh windows.

What’s better, a Bivvy or a Brolly? 


The Bivvy is a popular shelter for all anglers, instead of a Brolly. The reason being that a Brolly leaves you exposed to the elements, doesn’t offer the same space that a Bivvy does in terms of protecting / storing your fishing gear, and you have no form of security with everything on display. 

NBA players, the BFG and giraffes also opt for a Bivvy due to the increased height you can get over a Brolly. The umbrella-shaped design of a Brolly means you will be crouching the further you go in. Whereas, the RidgeMonkey Escape XF2 Compact 2-Man Bivvy is the Bivvy you want if height is your aim, with its impressive dimensions allowing it to stand tall and wide at: H1900mm x W2400mm x D2000mmm + 800mm peak.

For any Game of Thrones fans looking to go ‘North of the Wall’ then you’ll want the Bivvies’ stronger frames and increased pegging points, creating a sturdier unit for you to take shelter in.

A Brolly does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a massive umbrella. A Bivvy, however, is a home-from-home setup, with loads of add-ons and perks to keep your fishing gear neat, safe and away from the elements – the Nash Titan Hide XL’s twin Velcro rod-retaining straps make it one of the best for those perks.

What is the way for beating mosquitos?

Bivvies allow for you to tailor your setup to the conditions you find yourself in. You don’t want to share your Bivvy with pesky mosquitoes or be needing to use your Bait Bucket to catch water that has found its way inside.

The Nash Titan Hide is a lifesaver for those insect-ridden conditions, with its easy zip-in Mozzi Infill. And its Waterproof Infill, too, with both capable of being used at the same time, so there’s no need to choose whether you’d rather be dry or bite-free. 

Nash is the way forward if looking to fight the elements in one big hit.

What is the optimum size?


Bivvies come in a wide range of sizes – for example, the Avid Ascent Bivvy is available in one or two-man – allowing you to tailor your fishing shelter setup for those solo overnighters to a more social outing with your friend. 

You can go even further and create yourself a bankside palace with the RidgeMonkey Escape XF2 Compact with Plus Porch Extension. This can fit two standard-sized Bedchairs, whilst the porch extension adds an excellent socialising space or extra storage option. 

What is the best Bivvy on the market for easy set up and put away?

The beauty of the Bivvy is that despite the various add-on panels and large space that they cover, they’re easy and quick to erect. This means you can be protected in no time at all should the weather turn without any warning. 

The quickest one to set up? We asked our Pro Angler, Russell Webb, for his opinion:

“Got to be the Trakker Tempest 100T.

“It’s such an easy and intuitive Bivvy to set up. What’s the world record in setting up a Bivvy? I reckon I’d run it close.”

What is the Bivvy storage system for you?

You’ve got all this space, so make the most of it with a Bivvy Organiser. Keep all your smaller, delicate or important items neatly displayed, making them available to you with ease.

Something like the Avid Quick-Up Session Organiser is great for storing those fishing essentials such as your Bait and Tackle. The coolest part of this item, though, is the fact the top and bottom form the carry case, allowing for a compact size when not in use, and easy to transport in the same way you would a briefcase.

Alternatively, the Avid Compact Session Table comes with a rigid 600-denier fabric, coated with a wipe-clean treatment making it ideal for storing your food and drink, and socialising around with friends.

The storage capabilities really are endless. To fully maximise its space and insulation capabilities, be sure to be smart with your placement of your gear. 

For example, if you aren’t using items such as your Unhooking Mat or carp fishing rucksack, then pack them under your Bedchair for improved temperature retention while you sleep.

Basically: if it fits and not in use, then get it under there.

What is the right option for lightweight trips?

Bivvies fold down so compactly and neatly, that it’s easy to carry them no matter the size. Avid have the market covered with a wide range of weights when it comes to their Bivvies specs.

Their one-man Ascent Bivvy weighs 5kg, whilst the two-man version adds a further 2kg. At the other end of the scale is their HQ Dual-Layer Bivvy: one-man is 10kg, two-man is 12kg.

What’s the coolest Bivvy colour in 2021?
Best bivvy colours

Fine tuned to come in three colours – brown, green and camo – the standard Bivvy colours allow for you to blend with ease into your bankside’s natural environment

Nash Titan T2 Camo is the right Bivvy for those of you who bring your Call of Duty games bankside for entertainment. 

What is the best place to put your Bivvy?

If you find yourself exploring Europe in the height of summer, then no doubt you’ll want your Bivvy opening up to your Rods and the body of water you’re casting out on. 

But when day turns to night, it’s a sensible idea to relocate yourself to either side of your swim, and use the surrounding bushes, trees and rocks to shelter your Bivvy further from that cold air and harsh wind. 

Ultimately, be prepared to adapt, turn and relocate your Bivvy several times during a session.

What will complete the look?

Make your house a home. 

Trakker’s USB Bivvy Fan is a must-have in all conditions – not only does it keep you cool when it’s hot, but it helps reduce condensation when the temperature drops. Additionally, it works great as an insect repellent, with capabilities to add a few drops of citronella.

Nash has designed Magnetic Bivvy Hooks to add further storage options to the angler. Great for hanging carp lighting or a head torch, so you aren’t fiddling about in the middle of the night trying to find it when busting for a wee!

Alternatively, you can opt for Outlaw Pro’s Two-Colour USB Bivvy Light, with a battery life of up to 250 hours and five different light modes – an overnight-session’s best friend.

What are the ideal Pegs? 

A common error amongst anglers is to use the same type of Pegs for 12 months of the year. However, shorter pegs will leave you cold when your Bivvy disappears due to the soft ground and windy conditions – that’s when you need longer ones.

There’s even pegs for screwing down into wood. Avid’s Screw-Steady Bivvy Pegs allow you to securely set up on swims with wooden platforms.

When is it not suitable to use your Bivvy?

If you’re targeting a short session or know your approach will be to target several swims in one day, then you don’t want to be putting up and packing your Bivvy down several times – a Brolly is ideal for this approach.

Furthermore, if you want to fully feel part of nature and enjoy wider views, then a Brolly allows for a more open and exposed experience.


With 2021 providing so much choice, every angler will have a Bivvy that is best for them based on their fishing approach, length of sessions, size of gear and climates they tend to head out in. 

At Outlaw Pro, our team of experienced anglers know all there is to know when it comes to Bivvies, Brollies and Shelters.

Call us on 0333 123 6699 with any questions you have, and we will be more than happy to help you in your quest in answering: What is the best Bivvy on the market?