Watch our store promo – the ultimate angling experience does exist!

Want a fishing store in Essex with everything you require under one roof? With the launch of Outlaw Pro’s 6,000 square foot Megastore in Billericay, Essex now you have it.

You will find our one-of-a-kind Megastore, here…

Unit 4a, Guildprime Business Centre,
Southend Road,
Billericay, Essex
CM11 2PZ

A wonderful in-store experience at our fishing store in Essex

Our eye-catching 12m x 9m screen showcases a wide range of videos throughout the day: Team Members’ exceptional catches to advice handed out by long-distance casting legend, and friend of Outlaw Pro, Terry Edmonds. 

From here, you will no doubt become fixated on our 11-tonne fish tank, home to Carp, Perch, Tench and Albino Sturgeon.

11-tonne fishtank in fishing store in Essex

You can also explore 50,000+ products in our fishing tackle shop in Billericay. After making your way past the Rod and Reel wall – featuring Sportex, Avid, Nash, Trakker and Shimano Carp Rods – before taking in our colourful Glugs, Carp boilies and Carp Krush, you will come across our unique Carp Bivvy setup that will have you thinking you are bankside.

Providing the highest customer service levels

Customer care is something Outlaw Pro prides itself on. From ensuring our customers safety is guaranteed at all times with COVID-19 protocols to our in-store experts being on-hand to answer your questions.

If you’ve got any questions – from Carp Rods, Reels and Carp Rig bits, to Carp Bivvies, Carp Bait and Carp Boilies – our approachable and knowledgeable team are happy to answer any queries you might have.

Our aim every day is for everyone to leave happy from their Outlaw Pro experience, safe in the knowledge they’ve got exactly the right products for their angling needs.

An incredible 5,000 products under one fishing store in Essex roof


With 5,000 fishing products, there’s something for everyone, from all your favourite angling brands:

Outlaw Pro: Our own unique products, which includes the bespoke and ever-popular Attract Natural range across Boilies, Pop-Ups, Boost Spray, Dip and Pellets.

Trakker: From their Retention Welded Stink Bag to the beautiful Propel 13ft Distance Rod.

Avid: We stock everything Avid across the Ascent Bivvy to Carp AV8000 Reel.

Drennan: From the Shorty Pellet Waggler to Landing Net Specialist, there’s plenty to browse.

Preston: Pole Flat Silicone Dispenser to Hooklength Box.

Nash: Including their Scope GT4000 Spare Spool and Dwarf ES.

Shimano: From the Sync Mini Lead Case to the Trench Euro Cradle.

Korum: You can browse from Quick Change Beads to Transition Tackle And Bait Stack.


Now you have found your fishing store in Essex with everything you could possibly want, be sure to take advantage of the fact that Outlaw Pro are the UK’s main distributor of Carp Royal Bait Boats – our Megastore is stocked with a Bait Boat that is befitting of any angler.

If you are tackling those further afield European waters, then the Carp Royal King 6.0 is your friend, with our very own General Manager, Lewis Stannard, having enjoyed huge success in Croatia with the King.

However, if you are looking for an all-round performance in UK and European waters, then the Carp Royal Imperator 6.0, with its four-kilogram bait capacity, ticks all the boxes. 

The final Bait Boat in our range is perfect for those anglers looking to keep things local by fishing in the waters of the UK, with the Carp Royal Baron 5.71’s one-kilogram capacity perfect for allowing anglers to get around discreetly. 

Bait Boat secured. What next? Need a Reuben Heaton Scale? Perhaps you are short of a Nash Tripod? Or maybe you have all the equipment but need the clothing for the conditions? Our exclusive Outlaw Pro range kits you out head to toe. 

That’ll do for now. But whatever you need for your angling trips, we’ve got it. Come see for yourself in person or online.

Outlaw Pro’s quality range – including Attract Natural

Outlaw Pro megastore bait range shelf

At our fishing store in Essex, we are hugely proud of Outlaw Pro’s unique Attract Natural flavouring across our bait range – the highly soluble and digestible ingredients make the Attract Natural bait perfect all year-round, meaning a 5kg bag of Boilies at £39.95 is great value.

We also stock Banoffee, Krilla, Sea Food Supreme, Raspberry Rush and Plum & Mulberry, too.

Outlaw Pro’s quality range doesn’t end at Boiles, Pop-ups, Boost Sprays, Pellets and Dips. We have your tackle needs sorted, too.

You can grab a packet of our Slow Sinking Sweetcorn for just £1.99, pick up your Wide Gape, Floater, Curve, Choddy or Cyclone hooks for just £3.90 or secure Outlaw Pro’s specially designed Bivvy Light, which is easy to fit with its magnetic strip, has a battery life of up to 250 hours and five different light modes, all for under £30.

Order online or Click/Call & Collect from our fishing store in Essex

As a fishing tackle shop in Billericay, we fully appreciate that the unprecedented times we find ourselves in means that visiting us in person may not be a viable option for all. 

This is why we now offer Click & Collect – order online for next working-day delivery or same day pick up. Alternatively, phone us on 0333 123 6699 to organise a Call & Collect order.

For those further afield or shielding, we offer online delivery services – don’t forget that our UK-based customers can order online by 3pm to secure next-working day delivery.