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Founded in 1921, Shimano entered the angling equipment world in 1970 after almost 50 years of providing quality cycling gear to customers – although a different field, Shimano understand high-quality and performance is what people desire. A key ethos of Shimano’s is to reduce their environmental impact, with the company the founding member of the Global Alliance for EcoMobility, which is an international partnership that combats noise and air pollution and our dependency on motorised vehicles. Therefore, you can ensure that your angling gear has had similar considerations when developing from ideation to the finished product in your Rod Holdall. Shimano have a huge catalogue for anglers to marvel at from Luggage to Line, however, it’s the famed technology in their Rods and Reels that really whets the appetite. The TX Rods range allows anglers to Bait up with ease and accuracy via the Shimano Tribal TX Intensity Spod & Marker Rod, and then hit the horizons with the power of the TX7. Which such an impressive Rod, it needs the perfect partner, and if Shimano have nothing to learn when it comes to Rods then they wrote the book of Reels. With a super-slow oscillation, unique to Shimano, their Reels take things to the next level. And when it comes to the Shimano Power Aero 14000 XTB, there is no level above that – you cannot improve on perfection. With such a wealth of experience in product development, it’s no surprise Shimano’s team of anglers consists of some of the biggest in the industry, with the likes of England international Billy Flowers on board. When an internationally recognised angler, with a UK PB of 57 lb 10 oz, swears by his Shimano Aero Technium Reels, then you’re going to listen. Alongside Billy, as always is his bankside partner in crime, Jamie Londors, with the pair recently securing first place at the Essex Carp Championships, held at A12 Cuton Lakes. Shimano’s YouTube presence is just shy of 40,000 strong across their three channels, which allows anglers to only receive tips, tricks and reviews of their chosen discipline. With their regular feature Tech Talk, Shimano have opened a never-seen-before world of technology and allowed anglers to see just what goes into the high-tech spec. Additionally, their European channel has playlists in different languages to allow anglers from Italy to Poland to the United Kingdom to accurately select the right Shimano gear for their approach.