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With a component manufacture with over 25 years’ experience of manufacturing Summit Tackle and a business that has been trading in fishing gear for several years now they have been in the industry for a long time. With a wide variety of products to their name and the distribution of others such as Sportex, Summit Tackle are certainly a brand that you can trust. Made with both attention to detail and practicality in mind, you can rest assured that each of the products that you are purchasing from them are not only practical but that they work for you in the long term to aid you when working the fish. With every Summit Tackle Carp fishing product manufactured to ISO 9001-2015 standards to ensure the very best of quality, you can rest assured that every product that you purchase from us is right for you and will last you for a very long time. Summit understand how important it is to have the right kit with you, this why they are continuing to create some of the best products out there for you when trying to hook a fish on the bank. No matter what skill level you are, whether it be a beginner or an experienced angler, Summit fishing tackle is designed with you in mind. Whether it be a set of Summit Tackle Adjustable Aluminium Buzz Bars or you are looking to make an investment into the a higher-end product such as a the Summit Tackle Low Pro 3 Rod Kit in black for your next big trip, there are several ways that you can benefit from purchasing one of these products and up your fishing game to achieve your personal best in no time at all. Alongside the extensive range of products, there is also a large social media presence that comes along with the brand. With over 52K on Facebook as well as over 25K on Instagram this brand is using these platforms to reach their audience and showcase new products to the masses. With posts about the pod kit as well as images about the latest catch that their team and members of the public have caught, this really is the best platform for all things fishing and learning from the very best anglers out there, regardless of the skill level that you process at the time of visiting the right amount of time Should you find that you want to learn more from the team at Summit Tackle, they also have a YouTube Channel. With all things fishing content all in one place, you can benefit from stunning visuals and expert knowledge all in one easy to find place with over 600 subscribers allowing you to see the new products and make sure that you are getting the best possible experience every time you make your way back to the bank. This makes Summit tackle and all their bankware, the one stop shop for everything you need when heading out on the bank, either alone or with your kids.