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Daiwa was founded in 1958 under the umbrella name of Daiwa Seiko Corporation (renamed as Globeride in 2009). In addition to producing fishing equipment, the company also sells tennis, golf and biking gear to an international market. The company operates internationally, selling their angling gear under the name of Daiwa in the UK. Daiwa’s patented reel technologies have been at the forefront of the fishing industry for decades, leading the way in developing hugely influential angling technology such as the ‘Open-Faced reel’. Developed in 1965, this smart innovation gave the angler the ability to wind more line onto their spool, completely changing the feel of the angling experience in the process. Daiwa have continued to innovate throughout the years, reinventing the standards and raising the bar for what anglers can expect from fishing reels. In 1979, they became the first fishing reel manufacturer in the world to incorporate graphite into their reels and rotor design, leading competitors to quickly follow suit. Nearly thirty years later in 2007, Daiwa introduced the world to their new material, Zaion, an advanced form of high density carbon fibre that exceeded metals in countless aspects. In 2010, they followed up this innovation with Z-SVF, its lightest, most high-density carbon fibre to date. Daiwa have used their decades of material research to create the lightest rods on the market. Another key feature of Daiwa Reels is its patented ‘Magsealed’ technology, which was first introduced in 2010. Harnessing ‘space engineering’ levels of technology into their reels, Daiwa has been able to change the game once again by incorporating magnetised ‘MAGOIL’ into their reels. ‘Magsealed’ Daiwa reels are water and dust-resistant providing excellent protection from the elements and greater overall longevity. Brian Skoyles is one of Daiwa’s key writers on their website, offering some detailed, interesting pieces covering a broad spectrum of angling topics including lure fishing and carp fishing strategy. Based in East Yorkshire, Brian’s considerable angling experience has made him a key consultant for Daiwa, however he’s not afraid of speaking his mind. Brian’s top tip for cash-strapped anglers is to save on tackle, as opposed to bait! Outlaw sells a compact range of Daiwa goods, including their cost-effective Crosscast Carp Rod and Emblem Carp Rod. Daiwa’s reels are the brand’s top-selling products and for good reason too. Their top-of-the-line 20 Tournament Basia 45 features all the high-tech features that you’d expect from such a groundbreaking business, such as a Magsealed Zaion body and a Zaion Air rotor. Meanwhile, both the Daiwa 20 Whisker 25QD and 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD offer similarly high-end features at mid-ranged prices.