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As a keen carp fisherman himself, Mick Nolan an ex-minister of defence engineer founded the company Cygnet in 1993. With his combined love of the sport and ability to engineer high quality products, the creation of angling products slowly led to the generation of a company we know today. With several high-quality products and an attention to detail that is second to none, this brand is one of the leading companies out there for dedicated Carp fishing and all things bankware. With an experienced team of anglers such as Adam Reed as well as Matthew Quibell, Alex Bransby and Alex Northgate to name just a few, the brand has continued to grow and showcase their products in the best possible light. With several competition live updates as well as videos and walk throughs, Cygnet tackle have continued to provide high-quality bankware products to ensure that you have the best time out on the bank, regardless of whether you are new to fishing or if you are an experienced angler yourself. Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple upgrade to your existing landing net or looking for a bank stick to add to your kit, there are several of the companies’ leading products that can aid you in getting the very best catch every time that you are out on the bank. Whether it is a Cygnet Sniper Bankstick that you are after or you are looking to invest in a Cygnet Grand Sniper STD Pod you can rest assured that each of the products you are purchasing are of the best possible quality for general wear and tear on the bankside. Alongside the bank ware products that Cygnet tackle have to offer is the clothing that the brand are also able to provide. With a number of caps as well as the Cygnet Finga Stall, there are several clothing products that can aid you in staying comfortable and looking the part when you are out on the bank. With every detail considered and quality at the heart of every product that they are creating, you can rest assured that Cygnet tackle are on hand to provide you with everything that you need for an enjoyable experience down by the bank with bankware at an affordable price point. As the brand they have continued to expand their reach with every growing social media presence. Cygnet tackle have a total of 40K followers on Facebook as well as over 58K followers on Instagram, 8K on Twitter and a YouTube channel with over 2000 subscribers, this has become a simple and effective way for them to reach their customers and showcase several new products as well as provide hands on look at some of the newer products out there on the market right now. Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase new tackle before your next big fishing event, or you are just browsing the market for specific products right now, there are several ways that Cygnet can help you out in the long term.