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Fortis Eyewear is an angling apparel brand that has gone from strength to strength since starting out in 2013. Set up by Darran Goulder, the director of the business built up experience creating apps and websites for the angling industry, before setting up a business of his own specialising in fashionable fishing glasses. Since hitting a rich seam of success with their initial range of polarized sunglasses, Fortis has been able to naturally branch out to offer a greater variety of purpose-designed fishing apparel and accessories that are all cut from the same quality cloth. Fortis Eyewear have touted their excellent sunglasses first and foremost, and for good reason: they offer incredible value for money. Before the business started, purpose-designed polarized fishing sunglasses were hard to come by and when they did, they were expensive. Fortis Eyewear was able to tap a very specific need for quality polarized sunglasses for fishermen that didn’t burn a hole in their pockets. All of Fortis Eyewear’s excellent polarized sunglasses eliminate glare by providing over 99% polarizing efficiency; all whilst maintaining a high visual clarity. Combined with UV400 protection, these sunglasses reduce eye strain and allow anglers to see deeper in the water to better identify their quarry. Regardless of the style or model of Fortis Eyewear sunglasses that you plump for, you’ll be amazed by how they can transform your angling experience. If you’re eager to get your hands on a pair of Fortis’ polarized lenses, but would rather not pay for added style, then their Essentials Sunglasses are what you should opt for. These entry-level sunglasses offer the core concept of Fortis’ vision without compromising on quality or their signature 99% polarization. However, if you’re looking to cut a sharper, fashionable look, then Fortis have you covered with an impressive range of styles that compliment every style of angler. Besides sunglasses, Fortis Eyewear have been able to innovate with their own range of fishing apparel that ticks all the boxes expected of quality angling clothing. Take, for example, their Sherpa Fleece, an old-school-styled mid-layer garment engineered with their proprietary 240 g/m2 fabric. Equipped with a double layer hood and high neckline, it makes for an exemplary mid-layer that can be worn under a Marine jacket whilst in cold conditions, or by itself in warmer climes. Finally, it should come as little surprise that the sunglass experts would also be able to produce a quality pair of binoculars; an essential piece of kit for any angler. Fortis’ XSR Binoculars offer 8 x 42 magnification, providing anglers with pin-sharp vision in a wide range of conditions. No expense is spared during quality testing, as each pair of binoculars is fully submerged to ensure complete waterproofing, whilst the Nitrogen filled lenses also prevent fogging. Whilst Fortis Eyewear is still a relatively young brand, they’ve been able to bank on their initial success to provide a range of quality angling gear that any fisherman would be happy to own. Check out our complete range of Fortis Eyewear gear today.