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Preston Innovations Fishing Tackle

Since its founding by David Preston in 1984, Preston Innovations has gone on to become one of the worlds most renowned fishing equipment providers for not only the UK but other parts of Europe. With several different companies under this umbrella and a Netherlands based distribution company under the name of Primo Distribution all tackling orders, the brand of Preston Innovations has continued to grow substantially over the years providing rods, tackle, seat boxes and a range of other fishing equipment to both to Carp and Predator anglers of all experience levels. Alongside the extensive range of products, the team at Preston Innovations also have many years of experience in angling. With the likes of Lee Kerry, Andy Findlay, Kayleigh Smith and Adam Rumble to name just a few, the team of anglers available at Preston Innovations help to improve the range on offer by trying and testing all the products that they provide. With frequent mentions in some of the industry’s leading publications as well as a growing social media presence, Preston Innovations are continuing to change the brand and revolutionise the way the brand is perceived on and off the bank. With frequent features from these professionals on the YouTube channel, this unique approach to reaching their audience is what sets them apart from several of their leading competitors. Regardless of whether you are looking for Match & Coarse items or looking for the very best of the Carp fishing products, Preston Innovations has got you covered. Whether it is the Preston World Champion Tip and Butt Protectors or you are looking for a higher-end product such as a Preston Competition Rod Holdall, Preston Innovations have the products that you need for Carp, Match & Coarse and Predator fishing making them the perfect business for you to go for all your fishing needs. Should you find that you need more convincing when it comes to Preston Innovations and their products, there YouTube channel with over 47.1K subscribers is exactly where you can find all the latest content as well as some videos from some of their top anglers talking you through products as well as some of the latest fishing tips and tricks to get you out on the water catching the best of Carp, Predator fish and Match & Coarse Fish no matter the swim you are fishing on. Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple guide on how to set up a method feeder or you are looking for a Des Shipp Q&A session for some of the latest tips, this is the perfect way to get all the information you need on products whilst learning new knowledge from the pros. From fishing techniques to how to set up several different rigs and product reviews and walk throughs, their YouTube and social media channels are exactly what every angler needs to get a head start within the industry, allowing you to get a head start on your competitors when out on the water’s edge.