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Reuben Heaton

Having been at the forefront of the fishing-tackle industry since 1857, Reuben Heaton has been there, done that and got the t-shirt – they don’t produce t-shirts but if they did, you’d imagine they’d be of the finest quality. Reuben Heaton’s history of almost 150 years is as fascinating as it is long and is currently a passion project within the Reuben Heaton business to research and find out about more their history. So whether you have an ancestorial link to a former employee or have in your possession an old-school item from the Reuben Heaton catalogue, they’d love to hear from you. Reuben Heaton Scales are what the company are famed for in the 21st century, but they began their venture into the angling industry via Reels. And much like their fellow long-standing fishing company, Shimano, they became famous for their engineering quality and ventured into cycling. Fishing tackle remained and remains their main outlet, though, with Reuben Heaton Scales becoming an essential part of Carp anglers’ setups – those UK and European PBs won’t weigh themselves. Reuben Heaton Scales are accessible to all anglers, with price points to suit everyone - the Reuben Heaton Flyweight Mk2 is a handy pocket-sized dial, which is ultralight and portable and comes in at the bottom end of the pricing scale. The top of the Reuben Heaton Scales tree is the Specimen Hunter Scale, which continues to set the benchmark ever since it exploded onto the angling market in 1988 – accuracy like no other scale on the market. In the middle of the price range, and arguably Reuben Heaton’s most popular newest release, is the limited-edition Standard Angling Flag Scale England – national pride and it looks cool, too. Something Reuben Heaton is extremely proud of is the fact that, almost a century and a half on from when Reuben George Heaton founded the company, they continue to manufacture in the UK.