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Avid Carp exploded onto the angling scene in 2009 and has now firmly established themselves as one of the trendier, forward-thinking brands on the market. Anything Avid Carp touches either refreshes an old concept back into life or brings fresh innovation to anglers’ bankside setups. With former Team England angler, Simon Crow, is onboard as an angling consultant, it is no surprise Avid Carp have a well-established place in the Carp angling world. Simon’s Vlogs are a treasure chest of tips, tricks and reviews – if a former Team England angler offers advice, you put down your Rods and grab a notepad! Throughout the series Simon uncovers fish anglers haven’t seen for years, breaks PBs and showcases Avid Carp in action. Avid Carp’s team is brimming with talent, and another Team England member, Mark Bartlett, now dons the Avid colours – it’s a match made in heaven with Mark a gold medal winner at the World Carp Championships. Brand loyalty is strong with followers of Avid Carp, and that is because anglers can have a complete kit setup from Avid HQ Dual Layer Bivvy right the way down to Terminal Tackle – you’re never far from an angler with a set of Avid Dumpy Pear Swivel Leads in their Tackle Box. Everything Avid Carp bring to the market is sleek in style but also fit for purpose, with Avid aware anglers want to travel with ease. It’s no surprise that stockists struggle to keep the Avid Carp Bivvy Organiser and Avid Quick-Up Session Organiser in shops: compact to store and keeps kit neat and to hand with ease. Avid Carp give their products a media platform to thrive on with an easy-to-navigate website, with anglers able to lose lunchbreak after lunchbreak absorbing all the content from videos to articles to reviews. Additionally, Avid Carp has a section dedicated completely to their new products. Bankside imagery automatically appears when anglers hover over the new product image, to whet the appetite and allow anglers to start creating their Avid wish list. With other 23,000 subscribers to Avid Carp Fishing TV, Avid has become so much more than a Carp-angling manufacturer. With feature-length tutorials on How To Fish In Weed to Q&As with their angling consultants, anglers can shape their craft and fine-tune their bankside performance. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Avid Carp is a firm favourite in the Carp world. And with the team of pro anglers, a European presence, and an innovative product development team, it promises to be another exciting decade – starting with the Screen House 4D!