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Dynamite is one of the most exciting and innovative bait brands around. Since the mid-90s they’ve been producing a massive range of high-performance products for match & coarse and carp anglers alike. Their Nottingham-based team comprises over 60 staff (most of whom are anglers), who are committed to their mantra of producing long-lasting bait ‘by anglers for anglers’. Dynamite’s bait products run the gamut of all bait types that you’d expect from a brand of their stature. Their celebrated range of baits includes ‘The Source’, one of the most popular carp fishing boilies in Europe. Product development began for this hugely popular product all the way back in 2002, yet it still remains one of Dynamite’s most popular range of baits. The formula has remained the same for years, and its continued popularity is a testament to its status as a ‘go-to bait’ for anglers. Dynamite also sells its range of carp baits as hookbaits, liquids, dips, particles, pellets, and mixes. Dynamite’s Mat & Coarse products are just as notable as their Carp range. They sell a full range of groundbaits, pellets, particles, hookbaits and liquids with products geared towards a range of specialist fishing. Outlaw sells a wide range of Dynamite products across their Carp and Coarse & Match ranges, as well as their excellent value accessories. Dynamite sponsors a number of notable carp anglers from across the world including Ian Russell (UK), Kristof Cuderman (Slovenia), Claudia Darga (Germany), Raphael Biagini (USA), Alexander Hager (Austria) and Bianca Venema (Netherlands). These anglers help Dynamite refine their new products and offer feedback on how their range of products is performing in the wild. Dynamite certainly gets the most out of its sponsorship deals, as you’ll find dozens of articles on their website written by notable anglers who use their products. These articles can include valuable tips for fishing certain specimens, or provide insight into how their professionals land their catches through in-depth fishing diaries. Dynamite also uses their blog as an opportunity to mention the winners of its Sponsored Angler Search campaign. Dynamite’s annual Sponsored Angler Search competition offers anglers from across the world to compete for the chance to become the brand’s next sponsored angler. By submitting catches to their website on a monthly basis, anglers can be in with the chance to win hundreds of pounds worth of bait, not to mention an opportunity to become a sponsored angler along with all the perks you’d expect from such a position.