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Sonubaits prides itself on producing premium Bait for the modern-day angler from Additives to Pop-Ups, across the Carp, Match & Specimen disciplines. With just shy of 50 high-profile angling consultants on the team, Sonubaits are forever fine-tuning their current recipes and innovating new ideas. From Kayleigh Smith, England international for both the Coarse and Carp teams, to Andy Findlay, Sonubaits’ great innovator and winner of over 1000 matches, it’s no surprise Sonubaits have a range that has something for everyone. With such an extensive angling team, Sonubaits allows anglers to really fine-tune their approaches, with their handy angling team profile page including in-depth analysis from their experts plus their preferred Bait. For example, Fish’o’mania finalist, Andy Power, recommends the Sonubaits Pro Expander Pellets. Whereas, Lee Kerry, England feeder team member, never leaves home with his Sonubaits Band’um Wafters. What’s great about Sonubaits is, although they won’t give away their trade secrets when it comes to mixes and exciting new lines, they allow anglers to fully understand the products they’re purchasing. It’s no surprise that their YouTube has over 19,000 subscribers with fascinating behind-the-scenes content of their Bait-making factory from adding of ingredients to the satisfying viewing of the conveyor belt in action as it funnels along tonnes of Pellets – from design to bank, the angler is informed. Come for the insight into crafting a Wafter, and stay for the incredible tips and tricks from one of the finest angling team’s in the industry. With a hugely popular Shipp’s Tips playlist, Sonubaits tap into team member, and England match international, Des Shipp’s decades of experience – there’s nothing Des cannot tell you about fishing with a long Pole. Sonubaits understand that everyone consumes content differently. So, whether in-depth YouTube reviews are either not your thing or you don’t have the time to fire up the kettle and tune in, there’s an excellent bitesize tips section on the Sonubaits website. From how to tie a solid bag to understanding coated braid bottom bait rigs, anglers can check in quickly, develop their skill set for their next session and all before the boss catches them in work time!