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Owned by venerable Swedish eyewear brand, Leech Sunglasses, Gator create exceptional predator lures that simply work! Starting out in a small garage, like so many other lure businesses before it, the small team behind spent years developing the wide range of excellent predator lures that the brand is well known for. As all anglers know, experimentation and innovation are at the heart of success in fishing, so the years spent tinkering in the garage speaks volumes about a business such as Gator. As Gator slowly refined their lure designs, playing with different colours and variations, word began to spread that there was a new player in the lure game. Word of mouth was instrumental to Gator’s success; as more anglers across Europe began to hear about the effectiveness of these new lures, the business was able to continue refining their designs, as well as develop completely new product lines - all of which were aimed at making angling better for fisherman across Europe. After testing out the brilliance of these products for ourselves, Outlaw are proud to stock a small selection of Gator predator lures that we’re sure will prove to be useful in any anglers’ arsenal. Take their classic Gator Gum, for example. This lure is the ideal perch and zander bait, offering a super reactive paddle that comes alive with the lightest twitch of the rod. The soft rubber material makes the jig move with impressive vigour, even at low speeds. Meanwhile, the 15cm Gator Jerk Seatrout was developed to be used in all types of situations. The incredible design of this bait makes it useful in either super shallow or deep conditions. The pear lead in the game allows you to easily control the depth you want to fish at, making it an easy and versatile bait to fish. Jerk baits are typically difficult to fish with, especially in the wind and drift, however the design of this product allows you to have contact with the bait, even in these tricky conditions. It’s a one-of-a-kind bait that has to be seen to be believed! The usefulness and reliability of Gator’s predator baits has been proven time and time again over the years, which made stocking their products a no-brainer in our books. Take a look at our curated selection of predator baits and find the lure that could prove to be the missing ingredient to your success!