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With over 30 years of experience within the fishing industry, Aqua has been responsible for creating some of the world’s best fishing gear that has continued to revolution the industry. Since being formed in 1990 Aqua Tackle have continued to revolutionise the angling industry creating the most sort after bivvies designed by Chris Manifold. Since starting with the production of shelters and bivvies, Aqua has continued to expand its range of products providing a wide array of different products for those looking to upgrade their fishing gear ahead of the next season. With the expansion into luggage, clothing, bedchairs & chairs as well as fish care, rods, shelters, and baiting. With the wide variety of different products at an array of different price points, there are several ways that Aqua tackle have continued to revolutionise the world of fishing and give anglers high-quality, affordable products that act as a solution to the common angler problems. With some highly popular products such as the Aqua Pioneer 150 DPM Aquatexx Ev® 1.0 bivvy as well as the Aqua Atom Rods, they have continued to make waves in the industry over the course of their 30 years in operation. Alongside their highly popular products and the expansion into every aspect of the industry, Aqua Tackle has also gained a large following online. With a total of over 36,000 followers on Facebook as well as over 72,000 followers on Instagram, Aqua Fishing Tackle have become one of the leading shelter and bivvy developers in the industry known the world over for their innovative design as well as the production of the best in high-quality products. With the use of their YouTube channel with over 5k followers, you can also find out about new products across their platforms as well as benefit from informational videos such as reviews and set up videos. This is a great way for customers to get to know more about the brand whilst expanding their target audience with regular new and informative content. With each video providing you with a close look at not only new products they are releasing but other popular favourites as well as tips and tricks, this is the perfect way to find out about their new products. Regardless of whether you are looking to invest in the Aqua Transformer Chair or looking to invest in an Aqua Baiting Pole – 12 Metre there are several high-quality products out there from Aqua Fishing Tackle that have continued to push the boundary when it comes to fishing gear and the number of products that people bring to the bank with them. Still unsure as to which of the leading brands are the right one for you? We are here to help! With over 40 brands stocked both online and in-store at Outlaw Pro, as well as new additions such as Aqua Fishing Tackle and more, we are the only fishing tackle specialist you need for all your tackle, bait, and gear all in one place. Get in touch with us either online or over the phone at 0333 123 6699 for more information on any of our products.