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When it comes to fishing tackle, the Ukrainian-based fishing brand Favorite is one of the leading predator brands out there on the market right now. With a wide range of rods, lines, and reels available within the range, predator anglers will find everything they ever need all in one place. Since being established in 2006 by some of the world’s leading anglers the fishing tackle is now being sold in Walmarts and other leading supermarkets across the world.

With many years of research, the brand has continued to provide first-class solutions for a wide range of problems. With double-stage quality control at every stage, each of the products is produced to the highest standard ready for any angler to use when on the bank. With ever-changing designs as well as new and exciting products coming out onto the market, this company has continued to expand their horizons and provide outstanding products for predator anglers of all experience levels. In addition to these brand new products, they also have a backup of products as well to ensure that the customer is never left without fishing gear.

In addition to the wide range of fishing gear on offer, the Favorite Fishing Tackle brand has also continued to expand their social media following. With over 71K followers on Facebook as well as 35K followers on Instagram! Alongside this growing social media presence Favorite have also grown an impressive YouTube audience with 43.4K subscribers. This YouTube channel is the ultimate hub for all things products as well as a behind the scenes look on how products are made as well as new products that they have coming onto the market.

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