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Headbanger Lures

Find the perfect lure for your fishing tackle with ease thanks to the new Headbanger Lures range available both online and in-store at Outlaw Pro. Since being founded in 2015 Headbanger lures has continued to provide tools to aid in creating lasting memories for those passionate about predator fishing. Long-term predator angler and Swedish artist Dan Lestander decided to create a long-distance casting lure after being unable to find one that moved with a different pattern every time you cast. He set about making the perfect lure that will provide him with exactly that and it is now available for you to buy in the Headbanger Lure range.

With over four years of trial and development and 50 different prototypes he not only succeed in this, but he created a series of lures that imitate the moment of live bait to produce the best chance of a bite every time you fish. Following on from the success of this initial lure, Dan found himself with several designs for lures as well as colour themes for each to get optimum performance.  

Following on from the unprecedented success of the Headbanger Lures, the brand has continued to expand its offering providing some of the best lures out there for those that love predator fishing! Whether you are just getting into the sport, or you have been predator fishing for a long time now, these lures are a must to have in your tackle box.

Alongside their amazing range of lures, the brand has also continued to increase its social media following with Head Banger Lures becoming hugely popular across all social media. With over 56K on Facebook as well as 38.3K on Instagram, this is the perfect way for fans of Head Bangers Lures to see the latest releases.

Have a look at the Headbanger Lure options available both online and in-store at Outlaw Pro and begin ordering yours either online or in-store! Shop for yours, today!