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Since being founded in 1992 the team at Angling Technics have had one aim. To create high-performance specialist bait boats for anglers. With the popularity of these items increasing significantly over the years the company has continued to accelerate its development program and create a product of fishing aids at an affordable price for the angler. With four different bait boat options and several variations as well as several other angling aids such as echo sounders, GPS and accessories and even spares, these Angling Technics Bait Boats are the perfect options for any angler.

Though there are several bait boats on the market Angling Technics make a combination of four bait boats that provide several unique services with these are available at an affordable price. Each of the Angling Technics Bait Boats available is as follows:

  • The Microcat Mk III
  • The Procat MK IV
  • The Microcat HD
  • The Technical Mk II

Each of these unique bait boats provides you with a wide variety of different products that can aid an angler in their ability to make catches. Regardless of whether you are looking for a top-loading bait boat or looking for a bait boat with sonar, LED’s and several additional extras, this is the perfect way to make a bait boat that works for your style of angling at a price that is affordable for you. Each of these bait boats is built in 2 halves.

Durable Material For High-Quality Products

With a high-impact ABS plastic for the ultimate scratch resistance as well as all the steering and electrics added on the top, you can be sure that each of these bait boats is built to last, regardless of the number of times you use them.

Alongside the high-quality bait boats that they manufacture, Angling Technics also offer unrivalled customer service. Whether it is in the sales process, technical help or servicing and repairs, the team are on hand in any way that they can to provide you with an answer to any queries that you may have.

With a top-loading option as well as additional information transmitted live to your phone, these bait boats are the perfect way to bait your swims when fishing in difficult to reach spots without wasting any bait at all. Simply grab your soaked boilies as well as other baits, place them in the top loader of the bait boat and position it in your chosen spot.

Regardless of whether you are fishing in the middle of the summer or looking to use your chosen bait boat in the height of winter, these high-quality bait boats will always be kept in working condition. With spares, accessories and more as well as outstanding customer service as standard, you can be sure your Angling Technics Bait Boat will be back out on the water in no time should it become broken from repeated use.

Ordering Your Bait Boat With Outlaw Pro

Looking to order an Angling Technique Bait Boat? Order before 2 pm, Monday to Thursday and we will provide you with free next-working-day delivery on your order.

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