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Founded in France in 1948 simply as a brand that sold small, blue refillable gas cycliners, Campingaz has evolved and evolved into an outdoors cooking equipment giant.

So big in fact that in 1996 that fellow outdoor-recreation company, Coleman, acquired the company.

Over 70 years later since launching, and almost three decades since being acquired by Coleman, Campingaz has come a long way since their most in-demand product was a gas cylinder.

Now, it’s the Campingaz Series 400 ST Double Burner & Turner which will take your bankside grub to a whole new level – say goodbye to those last-minute grab-and-go Pot Noodles.

The ultimate cooking equipment from Campingaz brings to the table a fast boil time – those wintery overnighters just got better – plus two Xcelerate burners and an additional infrared grill that is perfect for getting those toasties going.

The real beauty of this excellent bankside grub setup is its ease of transportation: simply fold down and grab the carry handle and you’ll be away in a matter of moments.

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