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Carp Royal and their Bait Boats have taken the modern-day angling world by storm, which is no surprise when you consider they’re a German-based company – and you know what they say about Germany’s technology and build quality.

The reason for the huge uptake in this excellently-priced Bait Boat range is that Carp Royal are all about offering trust in the technology, quality and service they provide, which is why all anglers receive a two-year warranty with their Bait Boats.

There are three models in the Carp Royal range: Baron, Imperator and King, and both are available in the sleek black design or the blending into the environment camo version.

The Baron is ideal for anglers that aren’t targeting the bigger bodies of water, with an impressive range of 500-900 metres. Additionally, it’s smaller size makes it the perfect Carp Royal Bait Boat for succeeding in those difficult-to-reach spots in the margins.

Next in line is the Imperator which is the perfect all-round Bait Boat, with it equally at home in UK and European waters.

Top of the Carp Royal tree in terms of size is the King, and this has a special place with Carp anglers on overnighters – it’s like being able to see in the dark!

Where Carp Royal have a huge advantage over other Bait Boats is their decision to opt for Lithium Batteries. With 4-6 hours worth of charge, the Carp Royal Lithium Battery Set doubles your time on the bank in comparison to a standard battery (2-3 hours).

Additionally, all Carp Royal Bait Boats support the Lithium Batteries, with Outlaw Pro’s advice being to charge them every 4-6 weeks, no matter what the battery life is at, to improve the longevity of your batteries.

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