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Deeper was founded in 2012 by two angler friends whilst on a trip to Finland. Rolandas and Aurelijus were astounded by the usefulness of the hard-wired sonar that was fitted to their rented fishing boat. They were impressed by the amount of strategic information offered by this fish-finding technology, which allowed them to locate fish, assess water depth and bottom structure. They set out to create a product that put this radar technology in the hands of shore anglers.

The pair were able to consult with experts and professors in order to create their first prototype. After a successful round of crowdfunding, Deeper’s first sonar fish finder hit store shelves in 2013. The product delivered on the pair’s initial brief: to create a sonar product that was castable, wireless and smart. Since then, Deeper has gone from strength to strength, continuing to develop new iterations of their original sonar product, not to mention developing an app that has been downloaded millions of times over.

All of Deeper’s Fish Finder products work using Sonar (sound navigation ranging). Sonar devices work by sending pulses of sound waves down through the water. These waves are reflected back through the water when they hit fish, vegetation or the bottom. The device can locate fish by measuring how long it takes for waves to travel down and reflect back up to it. Deeper Fish Finders send 15 pulses per second, which are then converted into electric signals which are displayed for anglers to analyse.

Deeper Fish Finders come in a number of different variations, however, they all work using the same technology which comes with their own quirks that are intrinsic to sonar. For example, sonar pulses are emitted in waves, as opposed to straight lines. This means that fish finders scan in cones beneath them, as opposed to the area directly beneath them.

Wide beam readings (between a 40° to 60° angle) are best suited to shallower waters, as the data is taken from a wider area the deeper you scan. These are best used to get a quick scan of a large area, allowing you to also determine the depth of the waters and get a rough idea of its bottom structure. Meanwhile, narrow beam scanning (between 10° to 20°) gives a much more accurate picture but covers a much smaller area. This is best used to find a fish’s exact location in deeper waters.

Outlaw offers the complete range of Deeper Fish Finder products. This includes their entry-level smart fishfinder, Start, all the way up to their top-of-the-range Chirp+2 smart fishing solution. In addition to the core lineup of fish finder products, Outlaw also stocks a number of official accessories that can further augment your high-tech angling strategies.

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