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Dinsmores are one of the longest established British fishing tackle manufacturers. Founded in 1973, the company has been committed to designing and manufacturing innovative fishing products which are all proudly produced in their factory in Aldridge, West Midlands.

The company’s enduring success can be partly attributed to its management. Brothers Nigel and Ian May are avid fly fishermen and understand all too well the particular issues that face their fellow anglers. They were the first to manufacture a shot specifically for fly fishing and were also leaders in taking important industry strides in abandoning lead tins, in favour of non-toxic materials, years before any government bans came into force.

Over the years Dinsmores have worked to refine their classic shot design. Their trademark elongated egg-shaped shot provides a larger gripping surface for the shot on a thin leader and also helps it to cast better. Dinsmores’ split-shot has also been further modified in order for it to be easily re-opened and re-used, making it a great choice for any environmentally conscious angler.

Outlaw sells a handful of Dinsmores products, including their classic egg shot, a useful mould for flatbed feeders and handy mesh swimfeeder.

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