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Bite alarms are an integral part of many anglers’ strategies, with some of the best bite alarm products offering outstanding features such as vibration detection systems, auto night lights, LCD displays, LED indicators, and impressive standby performance. All of these useful features come at a cost, however, and whilst many bite alarm systems feature lithium-ion batteries, many still require separate batteries.

Depending on the system you use, you may find that your bite alarm batteries can last up to 1000 hours on standby mode. Battery performance is dependable on operating conditions and your own use. Whilst most systems offer LED indicators to give you a clear view on battery life, you may feel comfortable swapping out your old batteries with new bite alarm batteries in order to ensure the best performance and your own peace of mind.

Duracell is one of the most recognised manufacturers of batteries in the world and has been providing anglers with reliable portable power for decades. Whether you’re looking to grab batteries for your trusty torch or ensure that your bite alarms remain as vigilant as ever, Outlaw has you covered with Duracell’s range of high-quality, long-lasting bite alarm batteries.

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