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Since launching in 1999, ESP has made a name for itself as one of the leading lights in carp fishing tackle. Their unique approach to product development, along with their close affiliation with angling legend Terry Hearn, have both contributed to their excellent reputation. It was Hearn’s unmatched ability to catch impressively big carp that led to others remarking that he must be equipped with ‘extra sensory perception’.

Whilst ESP carp products aren’t going to give you superpowers they have been meticulously designed to give carp enthusiasts the best advantage possible in making big catches of their own. The brand initially specialised in Terminal Tackle, with the T-6 and G-4 being amongst their very first products that started to raise the brand’s profile. Since then ESP has expanded its product line to include rods, clothing, luggage and other accessories.

Their close relationship with Terry Hearn led to them developing the first carp hooks to feature ultra-fine needle points, which proved to be integral to targeting the biggest, elusive carps in the country. These early innovations were followed up with the Stiff Rigger hook pattern, and then the Big-T hook pattern in 2001: the first mainstream carp hook to make use of a super slick PTFE coating.

The strength of ESP’s carp products have always depended upon their rigorous commitment to quality. ESP’s in-house designers work with CAD engineers to develop their new products, before sending the plans off to their plastics factory where the moulded components are manufactured. ESP has long invested in training their staff to a high standard, ensuring a consistent level of excellence in every aspect of its manufacturing chain.

Outlaw sells a huge selection of ESP products including the ever-popular Ronnie Clips and Gripper Combi Rigs.

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