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With experience in developing fishing tackle since the company’s inception in the 1980s, Gardner fishing tackle has continued to revolutionise the way that angler’s fish. With a wide variety of expertise in a wide range of disciplines such as carp or match & coarse fishing, Gardner Fishing is a brand that caters to everyone, regardless of their budget.

With a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry, Gardner Fishing tackle has a wide variety of products that work for every angler regardless of their budget. With products such as Gardner Bug Indicator Bobbins as well as other items such as Cork Balls and Adjustable Line Clips, this brand is the perfect one for the ultimate angler regardless of their profession.

Alongside several different products that Gardener Fishing provides, they also continue to educate using informational content. With numerous articles on their websites on several of the biggest topics such as the latest fishing adventures, family-friendly fishing trips and even coarse fishing in the winter season, there is plenty to read about on their website and across their social media platforms.

Alongside this there are also several other videos on their YouTube Channel Gardner Fishing is there to provide you with outstanding products as well as interesting content that everyone will love.

Alongside their growing catalogue of informational content, Gardner Fishing Tackle also has a growing team alongside them full of some of the best professional anglers. With recognisable faces such as Dave Lane, James Clarke, Simon Hartop and Matthew Lockett to name a few, this brand is continuing to show the very best of angling at all times.

With several amazing catch reports all using their products as well as an ever-growing range across all tackle such as hooks, line and even zig rig foam, this brand is one you know you can trust when out on the bank.

Alongside the growing group of professional anglers, Gardner Fishing has also continued to grow its online presence. With over 76K followers on Instagram as well as over 86K on Instagram, you can find some of the best catch reports as well as information on new and existing products across the range.

Whether you are a fan of the Gardner Beaked Chod Rigga Hooks for your favourite fishing rig or you are looking to try something new in the form of Gardner Hydrotuff Mainline Garner fishing tackle have all the terminal tackle that you need to have with you in your fishing gear, allowing you to have the best possible chance at a catch every time.

Seen something that you like? Any orders over the value of £20 will receive free next-working-day delivery should you order before 2 pm between Monday to Thursday allowing you to have all your Gardner Fishing Tackle from our store and to your door in just a few hours allowing you to get back down to the bank catching fish even sooner. Still unsure as to which products would suit you? Get in touch with us either online or over the phone, we are more than happy to help.

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