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Since being founded by Stephen May all those years ago, the brand of Kumu has continued to expand. With a background in photography and videography as well as graphic design, May set out to create something new and exciting for those anglers looking to revolutionise their style. With clothing designs that present much more than just fishing, the Kumu clothing brand allows anglers to show their style all whilst making sure they are protected as well as looking great when on the bank. With a wide range of clothing such as hoodies, t-shirts, outwear, bottoms, hats and more, this clothing brand is one of the best out there on the market for any angler. With a new and refreshing approach to clothing for any angler, this brand quickly became the most popular out there on the market right now.

With the launch of the original death ring range the response within 12 months was completely unprecedented and saw the brand’s popularity skyrocket. Since changing the branding from On The Beaten Track to the Kumu Clothing Range because of some copyright issues, the brand has continued to expand and provide new and exciting prints to the anglers out there on the bank.

Though every angler loves the conventional green colouring, fishing clothing that provides a fresh modern look is exactly what you will get from Kumu. Whether you are looking for a camo hoodie or looking for a striking design on either khaki green or another colour, Kumu is the perfect balance of a unique design with a stylish colour theme that every angler will love regardless of your individual style and the time of year that you are heading out onto the bank.

Whether you are looking for sweaters or looking to invest in a brand new cap, there is a wide range of designs and colour themes from Kumu that we are sure every angler will love. With the expansion of this brand comes the introduction of the brand into Outlaw Pro Stores. Whether you are shopping online or heading to our Kent or Billericay Megastore you will find the newly stocked Kumu range available now at Outlaw Pro.

If you are looking to invest in some Kumu clothing purchasing from Outlaw Pro could not be any easier. With discounts available for those that have an Outlaw Pro Membership Card as well as 10% off all Outlaw Pro Products, this is a huge benefit to several different customers. In addition to the discounts for those with a Membership Card, you will also receive free next-working-day delivery on all orders over the value of £20 that are ordered before 2 pm, Monday to Thursday allowing you to get back out on the bank even sooner than ever before.

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