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Leech Eyewear is one of the many growing fishing eyewear companies out there on the market right now. Located in Sweden, this fishing eyewear brand is one of the best companies out there for middle range glasses that provide an affordable price point without compromising on quality. Owned by Matt Boast, an experienced Predator angler, the products on offer are designed with anglers in mind. With many design options out there for you to choose from as well as different lens types, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing Sunglasses from Leech Fishing eyewear. With specialist technology at the heart of all the glasses that they have on offer, you can rest assured that Leech are providing you with the very best eyewear for not only protection when on the water’s edge but the comfort required to keep you performing at your best regardless of how long you find yourself on the bank.

Whether it is a simple set of Sunglasses you are looking for to shield your eyes from the sun or it is a set of high-performance polarised lenses for a long day out on the bank, Leech fishing eyewear offers several options for you to choose from all-in-one place at an affordable price. Leech fishing and their experienced team of people, understand how important clarity is when at the water’s edge without stressing out your eyes, this is why Leech provides customers with Premium Sight Lens, Premium+ Lens and PREMIUM ACTIVE2DARK LENS as well as PREMIUM eXtreme LENS options to ensure that all your needs are met.

The Leech fishing Sunglasses range is one of the best out there on the market for fishing as well as for those that are just spending time down by the water partaking in a number water activities. With innovations such as Copper lenses for protection against medium and strong light without distortion as well as the use of Yellow lenses for low light and Gray for the maintenance of true colours, this level of customisation with this protection is ideal for any angler or anyone spending a huge amount of time down by the water as it provides the clarity needed without causing addition stress to the eye.

With high-end sunglasses such as the Leech Tarpoon C2X Sunglasses on offer, you can benefit from a stylish wrap-around design perfect to protect yourself from the water as well as the sunny weather conditions. With Copper lens to enhance the contrast as well the ability to add definition to reduce the strain on your eyes, these scratch-resistant, UV-treated glasses are perfect for both beginners and the most experienced angler.

Alternatively, Leech also offer an array of slightly cheaper models for those looking to make an investment without committing to the higher-end price point. With both the Leech Reflex and Leech Moonstone ranges providing a higher level of protection at just £24.99 this is the perfect option for those that are looking for high-quality protection without the high-end price tag, allowing you to keep your eyes protected and comfortable when out on the water, making this the perfect choice to add to your kit when heading out on the water.

With over 6,000 followers on Instagram and a growing audience across both Facebook and Twitter, this brand is continuing to branch out, providing much more than just eyewear. With an established clothing brand as well as a number of accessories out there for you to choose from, there are a number of reasons why purchasing from Leech fishing eyewear is the perfect option for any angler regardless of the style of fishing or the activities that you are looking to get involved in along the water’s edge. In addition, there are several different options of both frame and lens type allowing you to get the perfect pair of protective eyewear for you.

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