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When it comes to fishing zigs, making sure you have the bait needed around your zig to lure in the fish is a must. However, by doing this you run the risk of spooking the fish. This is where Liquirigs comes in. With the perfect combination of heavy and light liquids as well as powder, you get a slow-releasing liquid that lingers around your zig for an hour. With five distinct flavours as well as three different bright colourful combinations you can find the perfect zig that works for you. Using the Liquirigs could not be any easier simply remove the cap, fill the chamber with your perfect liquid and place it back on, secure the rig to your chosen hook and get started. With liquid attraction lasting up to one hour, this new and innovative way to bait is quickly becoming a popular way of fishing with zigs.

When it comes to choosing the perfect Liquirigs for you, you are met with five different flavour combinations and three different colour choices. With the option of yellow and black as well as red and white and pink and orange, there are several different colour options out there that provide you with everything you need to lure in the fish and enhance your chance of catching your personal best. Though this is a simple way of luring in fish, it is also important to consider that the offering of bait must be right to draw them in. Couple your Liquirigs with a bright coloured sweetcorn or some maggot and ensure you have the best possible chance of catching, every time you head out onto the bank. Whether it is sweetcorn, a pop up or even some bait treated in a new Outlaw Pro Dip or glug, there is a bait option perfect for any angler.

These are each of the different flavours that you can benefit from when using Liquirigs:

  • Milk Amino
  • Zanana
  • The Nutz
  • Liquisquid
  • Oily Shrimp

Each of these flavours provides you with a simple yet powerful flavour combination that lures in the fish and provides you with the right amount of flavour needed to lure in the fish. With each of the bottles coming in a small compact size, you can place multiple in your luggage and take them to the bank to give you the perfect flavour combination for every angler.

Shopping with Outlaw Pro could not be any easier but with several different discounts available when shopping with us, you can save money on Liquirigs as well as thousands of other items that you purchase from us. When shopping with Outlaw Pro you will not only receive free next-working-day delivery on all orders over the value of £20. You will also receive 10% off of Outlaw Pro Products as well as 5% off of other leading brands when you become an Outlaw Pro Member. It is these exclusive discounts that set us apart allowing you to get out on the water even sooner doing more of what you love.

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