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When it comes to fishing, Quantum has been around for years. The Oklahoma-based manufacturer has continued to innovate the angling industry by providing affordable and reliable fishing rods, reels and other equipment that have continued to produce results time after time. Since being established in 1984, the brand has continued to expand. With many companies coming under the Quantum umbrella, they have continued to see substantial success across the board. With successful sub-brands such as Magic Trout, the possibilities have been endless. With Magic Trout Micro T-Braid 150m as well as Magic Trout Hustle And Bustle Lake, Fluorocarbon and more, there is plenty for you to choose from.

As the brand has continued to expand there have been several changes to operations that have continued to keep the brand on top. With the expansion of the Pro team for testing and sorting products, the acquisition of Quantum Magic Trout by Zebco in 2011 has meant the expansion of the products across the board to provide their customers with high-quality fishing gear every time. In addition to this, Quantum Magic Trout Bait provides a huge array of flavourings and colouring that are designed to entice the fish to secure a bite every time.

When it comes to saving money, you can do no further than Outlaw Pro. Not only do all orders over £20 receive free next-working-day delivery but we also provide you with membership discounts. All those with a membership will receive 5% off of all leading brands both online and in-store as well as 10% off of Outlaw Pro Products when shopping with us!

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