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Since being established in 1990 Mainline bait has held onto their position as the biggest name in Carp fishing bait. With one aim in mind, to help the angler catch more whilst providing the fish with the nutrients needed to grow and thrive, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best of high-quality bait every time you get you order.

With connections within the food manufacturing industry as well as knowledge of what the fish crave, you are sure to catch a decent number of fish when heading out on the bank. Developed by the experienced team and verified by some of the best anglers, this is a bait that the Carp will love in both the Summer and the Winter months. Regardless of whether you are on a sheltered swim or you are fishing through the weeds, there are several different Base Mixes and Ground Baits that you can use to make the most out of any swim that you are on, regardless of the weather conditions or your experience in Carp fishing.

With pro anglers such as Dave Lane, Ian Chillcot, Neil Spooner and many more, you can rest assured that your baits are the best for not only the fish, but for your chances of catching a personal best. Regardless of whether you are looking for Mainline Smart Liquids to take out on the bank with you or you are looking to invest in Mainline Air Dried And Balanced Wafers, there are several options available to you to ensure that you get the most out of the bait that you are purchasing when out on the bank.

In addition to the professional anglers that have been bought on board, there are also several social media profiles that Mainline bait possess all of which have a huge following. With over 256K on Facebook as well as 26k on Twitter and 147k on Instagram, this is a simple way for Mainline bait to give back to their customers. With regular catch reports as well as regular posts on Instagram of some beautiful fish, this has become the new way to communicate whilst showcasing new products at their best. With a wide array of different baits in varying flavours, there are several outstanding combinations of bait, Pellet Syrups and Pellet Paste you can use to ensure your getting the best possible chance at reaching your PB, regardless of the swim that you are fishing on or your experience level.

Alongside these social media profiles, Mainline bait also operate a YouTube channel with over 52K subscribers. With tips and tricks as well as how too tutorials and some of the best catches of the week, to show how and why Mainline bait is the perfect option for you when out on the bank. With regular updates to this content as well as additional articles on their website and other publications, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision when it comes to purchasing your choice of Mainline baits.

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