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When it comes to fishing brands PB Products has continued to innovate, adapt and provide a wide range of high-quality products to anglers the world over. Founded by the angling legends that are Piet Vogel, Bertus Wagenaar and Henk van Berkel the brand has continued to expand and innovate over the years to the brand that many anglers know and love today! With specially designed high-quality fishing tackle for even the most discerning angler, this brand has become highly popular over the years.

With several consultants such as Mark Holmes, Shaun Harrison, Zak Taylor and more as well as a larger team of professional anglers, this brand has continued to provide amazing fishing tackle that has continued to provide outstanding results.

In addition to the ever-growing team, PB Products has also gained quite a large following online across a wide range of social media platforms. With over 22,000 followers on Facebook, 13.2k followers on Instagram and 900 followers on Twitter, this is the perfect way to keep up to date with a wide array of products and see what is coming next.

Whether it is the Combi Rig you are after or it is the Mainline and PVA that they have on offer, PB products have a wide range of products for you to choose from. Each of their products is also lessening the burden on the environment throughout the creative process. With many products making their way to the market, they have continued to provide over 25 years of affordability as well as sustainability when it comes to their fishing tackle.

Save money on your PB products when ordering your fishing tackle from Outlaw Pro thanks to our wide variety of savings. Not only do customers receive free next-working-day delivery on all orders over the value of £20 that is placed before 2 pm but you will receive savings with a membership card. With 5% off of all leading brands sold online and in-store at Outlaw Pro, but also 10% off of all Outlaw Pro Products available both online and in-store at Outlaw Pro!

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