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Following the acquisition of the brand Quantum and all its fishing equipment in February of 2021, the brand Rather Outdoors have taken over the sales and distribution of all Quantum products. Don’t let this put you off however as the brand continues to provide high-quality fishing equipment for both the experienced angler as well as those that are just looking to start out in Predator fishing.

As part of their drive to be the biggest and best in the pack, the team at Quantum is comprised of some of the biggest and best professional anglers out there. With the likes of Casey Ashley as well as Matt Lee, Jesse Wiggins and Gerald Spohrer this is a brand that means serious business when it comes to providing the very best of high-quality Predator fishing gear for any angler. With rigorous resting and engineering of the reels and rods in the lab as well as giving our products to competitors and anglers, the Quantum fishing  gear is tired and tested allowing the angler to know exactly what they are getting when purchasing an item from them regardless of whether you are opting for a new rod or a much larger reel.

Regardless of whether you have fished many times before or you are just starting out in the sport, Quantum fishing pride themselves on providing tired and tested, high-quality products that are not only highly beneficial for you when out on the bank, but equipment that is made to last. With a variety of products ranging from Pike Crimp Pliers to the tried and tested Quantum Drive Reel, they have everything you need to ensure that the kit you take on your next fishing trip is reliable and ready for any sized fish that you may catch that day. Alongside the basics such as the rods and the drive reels, there are also several other items such as the Quantum 4Street Spin-Jig that provide you with the tools needed to aid you in achieving your personal best when out on the bank.

Alongside the range of products and the professionals that they have on side, Quantum fishing also have an extensive social media following. With over 109K followers on Facebook as well as 91K followers on Instagram and over 6000 on Twitter, this company is soon becoming one of the biggest and best in the industry as they continue to reach their audience in new and engaging ways. Whether it be showing off their tackle organisation skills on Facebook or showcasing their latest products with an artsy shot on Instagram, this company is continuing to provide customers with a clear indication of who they are and the products that they are looking to sell.

Whether this be riverside post for social media or sharing the latest products across several social media platforms, Quantum fishing have continued to provide outstanding products at an affordable price point time and time again for both the experienced angler and those looking to get into the sport for the first time.

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