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When looking at fishing brands and the selection that they provide with a good amount of value for money, you can do no better than Sonik. Since its formation in 2008 with just 34 rods the company has continued to expand substantially. With just Carp, Fly and Sea angling the focus at the point of launch, they have since expanded into the world of lure/ predator fishing. Despite expanding into several different areas of fishing, their focus lies within the Carp fishing industry which accounts for 75% of their turnover. With record growth across the board and expansion in both the UK and the international teams, Sonik are continuing to prove that they are one of the leading brands out there for fishing equipment.

With the expansion of their product lines has come significant growth for the business with both the UK and the international team seeing a huge amount of growth. With several UK brand consultants such as Frank Warwick and Rod Bird as well as members of the UK Carp team such as Jason Budd, Mark Gooch and Michael Dickson this experienced group of anglers have continued to expand the brand and showcase the very best of all their products out there on the bank.

With the experienced anglers showcasing the products, there are several products out there for you to choose from, regardless of whether you are a Carp Fisherman, or you opt for other forms of fishing such as Predator fishing, Match & Coarse fishing or Sea fishing.

With Sonik Gizmo Litez Bobs for those that are looking to night fish or the Sonik Vaderx 8000RS Spod Reel for those that are looking to update their kit, their extensive range of products caters to everyone. Should you be looking to go away on a long fishing trip, Sonik fishing also provides you with an extensive range of brollies and even several bivvy options such as the Sonik AXS Camo Bivvy to aid you in remaining dry on the bank regardless of whether you are returning to the bank after a long pause or you are just starting out in the world of fishing.

As their range has continued to expand, so too has their social media following. With over 63K followers on Facebook, 63.4K followers on Instagram and over 2K followers on Twitter, this growing brand is one of the best out there on the market right now.

In addition to these social media profiles, the Sonik Sports also has a YouTube account with 6.4K subscribers showcasing new products as well as giving customers a hand on review of several different products allowing them to answer questions and provide inside information to your customers over time. This is a simple, yet unique way of marketing to customers which has proven valuable in the growth of the brand making them one of the leading fishing companies out there on the market right now for all your fishing needs regardless of your skill level when heading out on the bank.

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