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If you are looking for a benchmark fishing rod that provides you with both reliability and affordability that you would expect from a rod, then look no further than Sportex. Taken and designed from Tony Fordham blanks, these rods were a honey-coloured dream for Carp anglers. With a reliable and rigid design as well as the reliability that you come to expect from this rods, Sportex rods are the perfect piece of equipment for those that are looking to get the very best out of their trip to the bank, regardless of the length of time that you are staying.

With several rods out there on the market as well as the recognisable branding that many Carp fishing enthusiasts have known and loved for many years; this is the perfect brand for those looking for a reliable rod that will aid them in achieving a catch of any size. Whether you are looking for a rod that is ridged or looking to purchase a more heavy-duty predator fishing rod, there are several options available for you at Sportex clothing.

With numerous different sizes and weights out there for you to choose on the bank, Sportex is a rod brand that we know you can trust. Regardless of whether you are looking for a Sportex Hydro 180g rod or you are looking for something a little more robust with the Sportex Invictus Rod you can have the very best reliable fishing rod out on the bank to help you hook your PB in no time at all with a rod that you know is up to the task.

Founded in 1949 this brand has continued to provide rods that you can trust. With several different branches all over the world and over 20K followers on Instagram and 2K followers on Facebook, this angling retailer is one that is well established and a proven favourite for several Carp anglers abroad. With over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing rods and an experience in angling, it is this that sets Sportex clothing apart from the rest when it comes to providing great customer experience with very minimal issue when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of products.

In addition to the years of experience and large social media following, there is also a Sportex Germany YouTube channel. On this channel, you can find run throughs of several different products as well as several videos from several different events, providing you with insight into what the brand are achieving as well as the brand-new products that they have on offer.

Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase one of these beautiful rods for yourself or you are looking to make the investment for your kids on a rod that you know you can trust, there are several ways that Sportex clothing fishing rods can aid you in making sure you have the expert equipment that you need out on the bank with reliable options making the right amount of time and money making it work out.

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