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Since being established, Tom Anderson has continued to make Sticky Bait into the company that many people know and love today. With the number of baits increasing as well as new management in the form of Dan Wildbore following Anderson’s retirement, this is an exciting time for the expansion of the brand and the baits that they are offering. Alongside the new management there is an experienced team of anglers as part of the team that have also helped to build the brand over time and provide outstanding products to their customers such as Sticky Baits krill and Cloud Manilla Liquid.

With experienced anglers such as Oz Holness, Nick Helleur, Adam Penning and many more, the company have continued to expand the brand and provide their customers with everything they need for the very best carp fishing experience. With this level of expertise in the team, there are also several opportunities to feel as though you are part of the family. With a catch of the month as well as several different articles and videos for customers to watch, this has continued to put them ahead of their competitors when it comes to customer service as well as the product ranges that they have.

Regardless of whether you are searching for Sticky Baits Krill options or looking to invest in something a little different such as the Sticky Manilla bait bag, there are several amazing products such as the Sticky Baits Krill product range and even new glugs that have proved highly popular with their customers over the course of the year. With a wide range of baits, liquid, and glugs in several different flavours, the possibilities are endless when it comes to coming out on the bank and catching your personal best with the bait that you have without lugging around too much tackle.

Alongside their successful team and ever-expanding product range, Sticky Baits also have an increasing social media presence. With over 86K on Facebook as well as 117K on Instagram, the brand has continued to expand, showcasing the very best of their products as well as their catches across their social media. Alongside their growing presence on these two platforms, the brand also has a growing YouTube channel.

This channel has over 27K subscribers and provides expertise and tips from experienced anglers as well as the reflections series. This series showcases the very best of the best down by the banks edge regardless of whether you are Carp fishing or Match and Coarse fishing, you can rest assured that they have a bait that works for you and your fishing style to give you the very best out of the swim you are on.

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of fishing or are experienced angler looking to make a return to the bank, Sticky Baits and their Sticky Baits Krill range is one of the brands you know you can trust to get the most out of every fishing trip that you take.

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