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The brand Thinking Anglers was invented by Ben Hamilton and Steve Fantuzzi in 2005 with the aim of providing tackle to the average angler that did not want to be bogged down with huge amounts of kit on the bank. With Ben still in operation as managing director as well as a large team of anglers such as Myles Gibson, SI Bater, Lewis Read and many more, the experienced team have continued to grow the brand and showcase not only their products but also the number of the merchandise and other items that they sell from their shop.

Regardless of whether you are looking for the terminal tackle range or looking for the materials range, Thinking Anglers has something for everyone, regardless of the experience that you have in Carp fishing. Thinking Anglers understands the importance of making the very best of the best, therefore attention to detail is at the heart of everything they create. Whether it is merchandise or just some more Stripping Scissors to add to your tack, these products as well as many others are products that you can trust when you are out on the bank, regardless of your skill level.

With several popular products available such as cool bags as well as a Camfleck Solid Zip Pouch, hooks and Threading Needles, there are numerous products that are perfect for every customer, regardless of their skill level. With a growing team as well as a growing product range, there are several ways that you can benefit from using this brand and their highly reliable equipment when out on the bank.

Alongside this product range, you can also find an extensive social media following that they have. With over 26K on Facebook as well as 48K on Instagram and 6K on Twitter this is the perfect platform for the company to communicate with the customers as well as showcase new products and epic catches in one ever growing community. With regular quotes from some of the leading anglers as well as several different product reviews from both customers and staff, following their social media is a great way of learning all about them, their products and how they can benefit you when out on the riverbank, making it even better for you as an angler to have all the information all in one location.

Alongside the ever-growing social media channels, it is important to note that Thinking Anglers also has a highly successful YouTube channel with over 18K subscribers. This YouTube channel has several videos from both angling professionals as well as the TA insights series which provides a huge amount of information to all the anglers regardless of the experience level that they have wen heading out to the bank. With everything from tips and tricks out on the bank as well as reviews and hands on videos for a wide range of their products such as the Thinking Anglers Rucksack, this is the perfect place to learn more about their products and see them being used yourself.

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