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Vass are a textiles company with experience in manufacturing and distribution that produce high-quality waterproofs and worker wear for anglers as well as those spending hours out on building sites. With over 40 years of experience in the industry they have continued to provide new Waders and Boots to anglers, regardless of the type of fishing that they are partaking in.

With the waterproof range of products improving year on year, the brand has continued to expand their range of waders to provide not only practicality, but the comfort when it is needed. With improvements in grip on all footwear for slippery surfaces as well as improvements for the material, there are several ways in which they have continued to expand their range of Vass clothing products whilst providing simple tweaks to cater to their every growing customer base.

With a team of manufactures and product testers at their disposal as well as a wealth of knowledge in providing waterproofs for a wide range of industries, Wass have continued to provide the very best of both waterproofs and clothing to anglers regardless of their fishing type. Whether it be Carp fishing, Match and Coarse fishing or even Predator fishing, Vass clothing have the waterproofs for you.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new set of Vass-Tex 600 Series Chest Waders for yourself, or you are looking to invest in some Vass-Tex 600 Series Waders for Juniors there are several waterproofs that you can use when in the water to ensure you stay warm and dry when you are playing the fish.

Alongside the Waders and Waterproofs that are on offer, Vass clothing also offer a wide range of Footwear such as the Vass 150/50 Fleece Lined Boot Velcro Strap and other breathable bankside and water footwear to ensure that you remain warm and dry regardless of the length of the trip that you are taking. With constant changes to the materials as well as the overall make of the shoes, there products are on the leading edge of waterproof shoes making them perfect for you when you are heading out on the bank.

Alongside the extensive range of products, Vass clothing also have a growing social media presence. With over 25K on Facebook as well as over 44K on Instagram and over 1000 followers on Twitter, these social media platforms are used to capitalise on this audience and showcase new products. With the Instagram showcasing some of the best catches from fans and angling professionals as well as showcasing the product, it is this pleasing imagery that has made them as popular as they are.

In addition, they also have a YouTube channel with over 500 subscribers. This YouTube channel showcases not only the products that they have on offer, but also the new products that they have coming out. With plenty of products to choose from as well as several products that are just being released on the market, there are numerous ways that their customers can interact with the business and begin to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing products.

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