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As one of the leading brands out there on the market right now. Wolf and the Wolf icon range have continued to expand into the world of Carp fishing. With several different products available to customers such as Rods as well as their baiting systems, bankware, Wolf have continued to provide new and innovative products to their customers that they will continue to use again and again when out on the bank. With popular items such as the Wolf Mozzi Zappa and Bluetooth shutter releases, there are several products that are on the market for the customers to choose from when out on the bank.

Alongside the brand and the way that they have expanded. Wolf has also continued to expand their team. Not only do they have an experienced team in-house designing product, but they also have an experienced team of anglers helping to showcase brand and show off product. With experienced anglers such as Gary Lowe, Andrew Murray, Sam Jefferys and Brian Atkins to name just a few, this has become a simple and effective way of showcasing products to their customers whilst providing them with the information needed for them to make an informed decision.

Alongside the ever-expanding team, there is also several new products that are available for an angler at any experience level. Whether you are looking to being the latest technology out on the bank with you in the form of the Wolf Icon range of products such as the Wolf Icon Qi Set & Hubb Receiver or you are looking to purchase a Wolf X-Spod Performance in the size large, there are numerous products that you can purchase that will aid you in bettering your experience, all at an affordable price. In addition to this, you can rest assured that each of the products you are purchasing from Wolf has been perfectly designed, down to the last detail to ensure that your getting high-quality angling products every time.

As well as the expansion of the product range and the team, Wolf have continued to expand on their social media efforts. With several different social media platforms all of which with a large following, this has created the perfect platform for them to market their products to their audience. Whether it be a photo of the latest catch from one of the professional anglers to their over 6K Instagram followers or a release teaser for a product on their Facebook to over 3,000 followers, this is the new way to reach these audiences in no time at all to promote the Wolf Icon range.

With more products to come as well as more coverage on both YouTube and traditional publications, you are sure to be seeing the branding of Wolf as well as the Wolf Icon range out there on a bank near you. Regardless of whether you are in the market for a piece of equipment to help you photograph your catch, or you are looking for a new Spod to help you get the best out of your swim, Wolf are on hand to aid you in any way that they can.

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