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Z-Man is a business set up in South Carolina that prides itself on providing the latest technology to anglers, regardless of the experience level that they have when it comes to fishing. With over 30 years in the industry Z-Man fishing products has continued to revolutionise the way that people fish. With many years spent perfecting the colouration of their bait as well as the production of the silicone material, the brand has continued to innovate providing the very best of silicone Z-Man lure options for a wide range of fishing options.

With Z-Man lure options out there on the market, it is no surprise that they are so popular. With the cutting edge 10X tough ElaZtech soft plastic as well as Chatterbait there are one of the leading manufactures in the US for both freshwater and saltwater baits. With their trademarked tough ElaZtech plastic making them one of the softest and pliable yet most durable soft bait options out there on the market right now, it is no surprise that the Z-Man lure is so popular in both Match & Coarse as well as Predator fishing.

Alongside a growing brand, the Z Man company also has several different pros representing them. With some of the best anglers out there on the market right now such as Seth Feider as well as Brian Latimer and Cater Andrews to name a few, they are continuing to show how successful the baits are with their amazing catches. With each profile showcasing their top five baits as well as a little bit of information about them, you can purchase the bait and try your hand at fishing using the Z-Man lure that your favourite pro angler likes to use.

With so many different silicone baits out there for you to choose from, finding the right one for you could not be any easier. Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase the Z-Man Finesse TRD Tubez for your day trip or you are in the market for Z-Man TRD Crawz to add to your kit before heading out on a long trip, there are several different ways in which your fishing tackle could benefit from having these durable soft baits inside. With a durable silicone material and the ability to resist snags, rips and general wear and tear, this is a reliable soft bait that we are sure you can rely on when out on the bank.

As well as the brand growing, they have also continued this growth across social media. With over 326K on Facebook as well as 13K on Twitter and 367K on Instagram, this brand is continuing to reach new heights throughout the US and other parts of Europe. Whether it be a photo of the latest catch from one of the pros or a photo of the new baits that are being releases, the Z-Man lure social media channels are your ideal locations for all information on new products and even tips and tricks for how to get the best catch using their baits.

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