Where Are You Based?

We now have three Outlaw Pro Megastores one in Essex, Kent and one in Hampshire. Please see the address for each below:

Outlaw Pro Essex Full Address:

Guildprime Business Centre,
Southend Road,
CM11 2PZ

Outlaw Pro Kent Full Address:

Unit 4
Stour Valley Business Park,
Ashford Road, Chartham,

Outlaw Pro Hampshire Full Address:

Unit C1 Whitehouse Farm,
Silchester Road,
RG26 3PY

What Are The Outlaw Pro Opening Times?

Our Essex Megastore, Kent Megastore and Hampshire Megastore are open for business – the times are as follows:

Monday 9 am - 6 pm
Tuesday 9 am – 6 pm
Wednesday 9 am - 6 pm
Late night Thursday 9 am - 7 pm
Friday 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

Is There On-Site Parking For Those Coming To The Store?

Yes, our Kent, Hampshire and Essex Megastore all have on-site parking for all those that are looking to shop with us in-store!

What Will I Find When I Visit The Store?

When you visit our store either in Hampshire, Kent or Essex you will be met with the ultimate angling experience! With all the leading brands under one roof as well as knowledgeable staff ready and waiting to help in any way they can, you can rest assured you will be getting the very best experience every time!

What Brands Do You Have In-Store?

When it comes to fishing gear, we have all the brands you could ever need to make your bankside experience an enjoyable one. Whether you are looking for NashNavitas, RidgeMonkeyThinking Anglers and more, there are several options out there for you to choose from.

Outlaw Pro Bait

What Size And Weight Variations Are Your Boilies Available In?

All four of our flavours are available in either 1kg or 5kg bait buckets and you can order in 12mm, 15mm, or 18mm variations.

What Is In Your Attract Natural Boilies?

The Attract Natural Range has been developed by an extremely knowledgeable and experienced carp angler who has rolled his own bait for over 35 years. With a blend of the highest quality ingredients and flavours, it creates a unique smell like no other bait range on the market. Its nut base mix and highly soluble and digestible ingredients make this an all-year-round range and have signalled feeding responses in conditions down to -5 degrees.

The extremely potent smell is like no other and has been the winning edge for all of our team during its testing period. The Attract Natural range is your chance to give the carp something completely different and has been known to trick up even the wariest of carp due to its extremely attractive smell and taste.

Click here for more information on our other three flavours.

What Flavours Are In Your Bait Range?

Our four flavour in the range, and all have been specifically designed to suit every carp angler's preferred bait of choice. Using top-quality ingredients all our baits have been developed to suit a carp’s dietary requirements, so whatever range you use, it will help in putting more fish in the back of your landing net.

- Attract Natural
- Banoffee
- Squid & Octopus
- Krilla

Where Is Outlaw Pro Bait Manufactured?

When it comes to the quality control of the bait we are creating, we have a very hands-on approach. With our very own bait factory, we are in control of every step of the process from beginning to end to ensure our bait is of the best quality for every angler.

What Options Are Available In Your Bait Range?

Thanks to the success of our previous range, we have all the products anglers know and love with a brand new look! With staples such as salmonhemp oil as well as powders, boilies, glugs, dips, and hookbaits all receiving a brand new look and slightly different recipe all the well know bait options are bigger and better than ever before!