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  •  Where are you based?

 We are based in Alpha Garden Centre, Wickford and our distribution hub is Unit 8. Please see below the full address:

Alpha Garden Centre,
238 London Road,
SS12 0JX.

  •  What are your opening hours?

 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday
10am – 5pm Saturday
Closed Sunday


  • What is the delivery time for my order?

At Outlaw Pro, we offer FREE UK next working day delivery on most of our products. Any items ordered on any business day before 3pm (Monday-Friday) excluding Bank Holidays will usually be delivered within 2-4 working days (Excluding weekend).

  • How much is the delivery cost?

United Kingdom Delivery Costs

  • For any 1kg purchase of bait, postage will be £4.50;
  • For all purchases of bait above 1kg, postage will be FREE OF CHARGE;
  • For all purchases of pop ups, wafters, glugs, dips and boost spray, buy any two items and postage will be FREE OF CHARGE;
  • For all purchases of terminal tackle, postage will be FREE OF CHARGE;
  • For all purchases of fishing accessories, postage will be FREE OF CHARGE;
  • For all purchases of clothing, postage will be FREE OF CHARGE.

To view our European delivery costs, click here.


  •  What size and weight variations are your boilies available in?

 All six of our flavours are available in either 1kg or 5kg resealable bags and you can order in 12, 15, 18 or 22mm variations.

  • What is in your Attract Natural boilies?

The Attract Natural Range has been developed by an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Carp Angler who has rolled his own bait for over 35 years. With a blend of the highest quality ingredients and flavours it creates a unique smell like no other bait range on the market. Its nut base mix and highly soluble and digestible ingredients make this an all year-round range and has signalled feeding responses in conditions down to -5 degrees.

The extremely potent smell is like no other and has been the winning edge for all of our team during its testing period. The Attract Natural range is your chance to give the carp something completely different and has been known to trick up even the wariest of carp due to its extremely attractive smell and taste.

Click here for more information on our other 5 flavours.

  • What flavours are in your bait range?

 Our six flavour ranges have been specifically designed to suit every carp anglers preferred bait of choice. Using top quality ingredients all of our baits have been developed to suit a carp’s dietary requirements, so whatever range you use, it will help in putting more fish in the back of your landing net.

  • Attract Natural
  • Banoffee
  • Raspberry Rush
  • Plum and Mulberry
  • Seafood Supreme
  • Krilla


  •  How do I book up the Back Lake at Par?

You can check availability of the swims in the calendar on our lake booking page, to make a booking tap on the swim number. Click here to visit our ‘Lake Booking’ page.

  • How much is a ticket on the Back Lake?

A day session costs £15 and runs from 8am until Dusk which is set by the bailiff on the day. A 24-hour ticket is £30 and runs from 8am the day of your booking until 7am the next day

  • How do I get the gate code for the gate?

The Bailiff will ring you the day before your booked session and inform you of the gate code, if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them for you.

  • I have booked the lake but not received an email confirmation, what should I do?

If you have booked on at our lake and not received your email confirmation then please check your inbox and junk folder. The email can take a few hours to get to you, however if you would like to check your booking then please message the page or phone 0333 123 6699.

  • What is the lake address?

Par Fishery,
St. Marys Ln,
West Horndon,
RM14 3PB

Please do not turn up without a booking we do not take payment at the lake all bookings are paid for in advance on our booking system here.

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