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Match Baiting up

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Regardless of whether you are heading out for a relaxing weekend out on the bank with the family or getting ready for a new match, we have several match catapults options for you to choose from to aid you in baiting up your swim. Whether you are a fan of using pellet or you are using several other match baits, we have all the baiting up tools you will ever need to distribute the bait as evenly as possible without the need for special equipment. With several options available to every angler such as a match fishing bait box tray system as well as fishing bait riddle options built into a bait bucket, you can have all the baiting up tools you need within your gear to make your match much more enjoyable.

Regardless of whether you are fishing somewhere that requires you to cast and bait out at long distances, or you are just baiting the water in front of the swim you are on, we have a wide variety of baiting up options to aid you in catching the most fish throughout the course of your match. With brands such as Drennan providing numerous match catapult options as well as the replacement elastics and other leading brands such as Preston providing the Pelletpult to ensure maximum distance when using pellet bait, you can rest assured that you will be getting the maximum amount of bait deposited into the water, regardless of which one of these tools you decide to use.

At Outlaw Pro, we stock over 40 of the leading brands in Carp fishing, Match & Coarse fishing and even Predator fishing, making it even easier for you to find all your fishing tackle all in one place. With experience in a wide variety of fishing as well as the use of number of these products daily, we have the expertise and knowledge to make finding the perfect match catapult and other baiting up solutions even easier than ever before. Regardless of whether you are looking for a fishing bait riddle for ground bait and maggot preparation or looking for a match fishing bait box tray system to keep your bait and other match fishing gear organised, there are numerous ways that you can go about getting the very best of the best when it comes to match baiting up equipment without having to overstretch your budget.

Should you find you need a new match catapult for a fishing bait riddle a few days before your next match, we can help you out. At Outlaw Pro, we are proud to provide each customer who orders before 2 pm between Monday and Thursday free next-working-day delivery on their order is it is over the value of £20. Whether it be a new match fishing bait box tray system for yourself or a match catapult for your teammate, we can have your order from our store and to your door quickly, getting you out on the bank doing what you love best even sooner

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