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New and Improved Outlaw Pro Fishing Bait Has Arrived!

Outlaw Pro Fishing Bait has proven highly successful in luring several large carp into the nets of lucky anglers up and down the country. With strong flavours as well as bright colours to entice the fish, Outlaw Pro Carp Fishing Bait has been responsible for PB’s up and down the country with many choosing their favourite flavour to align with. The team here at Outlaw Pro have been developing and testing six new and improved baits that are sure to give you the best result every time you are out on the bank!

Meet The New And Improved Range!

Whether you’re a fan of fishmeal or you are someone who loves to use a tiger nut mix, everyone has the favourite carp fishing bait that they reach for when heading out on the bank. As a result, we have taken five of our existing products and improved the recipe with the addition of a sixth brand-new Squid & Octopus range! Whether you’re a fan of the Attract Natural or you are looking for something new to try out, we have the perfect range of carp fishing bait to suit any angler. Here are the six recipes that we are sure you will love:


The Banoffee range has been developed using an extremely digestible nut base mix containing milk powders, proteins and a blended flavour package with sweeteners and enhancers. Because of the digestible base mix, it’s an excellent all-year-round bait and has produced some amazing results right throughout the depths of winter. The Banoffee range has proved extremely successful as both an instant action carp fishing bait and when incorporated into a long baiting campaign all year round. With the sweet-smelling aroma of buttercream and other scrumptiously sweet ingredients, this is the perfect fishing bait to lure the fish in, no matter where you are fishing.


The new and improved Raspberry Rush range has been developed around the super-successful tiger nut base mix. Combined with milk proteins, digestive aids, and a blended flavour package, it’s a highly nutritious and attractive bait that is sure to send the fish into a feeding frenzy. With a cream colouring with raspberry pink flecks, it also adds a visual element to your fishing and helps pull the fish down onto your baited areas for an increased chance of a catch.


The Attract Natural range has been developed by an extremely knowledgeable and experienced carp angler who has rolled his bait for over 35 years. With a blend of the highest quality ingredients and flavours, it creates a unique smell like no other bait range on the market. Due to the highly soluble and digestible ingredients, this is an all-year-round range and has signalled feeding responses in conditions down to -5 degrees. The distinctive smell is like no other and has been the winning edge for our team during its testing period. Attract Natural is your chance to give the carp something completely different and has been known to trip up even the wariest of carp due to its extremely attractive smell and taste.


The Krilla Range is a new twist to carp fishing bait and combines the krill base mix with a unique vanilla combination and scopex to create something truly remarkable. Combine that with milk proteins, marine proteins, and fish oil, it creates a highly nutritious and attractive bait. Krill needs no introduction and has been the downfall to some of the finest carp in the UK and across Europe. If you are looking for an edge over other anglers, the Krilla is an excellent choice, the fishy aroma with a subtly sweet finish triggers the fish into a feeding frenzy.


If you’re looking for a bait that will get those fish actively seeking out a food source, then the brand-new Squid & Octopus is a must! Made to a unique recipe, Squid & Octopus is sure to get them grubbing around, aggressively feeding and revisiting the area. A bait designed by anglers, for anglers, tried and tested and with quality ingredients all sourced in the UK, this high-protein fishmeal bait is sure to put you a fish or two on the bank.

The Outlaw Pro Green Bait Initiative

When developing this new and improved range of fishing bait, we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest. Not only is our branding something unique to catch the angler’s eye, but we also have our Outlaw Pro Green Bait Initiative. With single-use plastic polluting the waterways all over the UK, we want to do our part to limit waste whilst providing you with the perfect bait! Our new and improved bait is packaged in a re-useable plastic bucket allowing you to do your part in reducing the amount of plastic that is used per year! Not only this but as part of our initiative, the refills for all of your favourite baits are packaged in a 100% biodegradable plastic bag ensuring you are reducing waste even when ordering your bait from us online!

Want more of a reason to join our initiative? Anyone who refills their bucket either online or in-store will receive 50p off per kilo, allowing you to save yourself money whilst also doing your part for the planet! What could be better?

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