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Outlaw Pro Products

Since launching in February of 2020, Outlaw Pro, and the number of products we provide to anglers have continued to expand. With several other brands being sold on the shop floor as well as the expansion of our product range the brand that is Outlaw Pro has continued to expand. Fast forward to 2022 and we have expanded our brands with the release of TubeZ as well as our new and improved bait range. With several items now on the market from terminal tackle to our very own PRO-PAC and head torch, we are your go-to brand for all your fishing equipment.

Outlaw Pro Products cater to a wide variety of different skill levels, from the novice carp angler to the experienced match angler, we have the equipment you need to make the most out of your next time down on the bank. Whether you are shopping in the new Outlaw Pro Kent store or you are shopping at our megastore or online, each of the Outlaw Pro Products is designed by anglers for anglers to give you that competitive edge.

Alongside this amazing range of Outlaw Pro Products, we have an experienced team of anglers and those with experience in angling that is on hand at every stage to provide our customers with the very best experience when shopping with us. Whether customers are shopping with us both online and in-store you will be met with the expertise and guidance you need to make an informed purchasing experience.

In addition to the experience in angling, the team also have the experience in creating high-quality bait that we are sure anglers will love to take with them when you are on the bank. With the Green Bait Initiative as well as brand new boilies packaging in the form of 1,3 and 5kg buckets, there has been plenty of change. In 2022, the Outlaw Pro have taken their bait to the next level with the Outlaw Pro’s New And Improved Bait Range!

With five of the existing flavours in the form of the Attract Natural, Raspberry Rush, Plum & Mulberry, Banoffee and Krilla as well as the introduction of the new Squid and Octopus flavour! Regardless of whether you are a fan of the glugs and dips or you are looking to try out our new fluoro pop ups or barrel wafters, this new bait range is something for everyone. In addition to the new and improved bait, we have also refreshed the branding. With bright new labels for every flavour as well as a unique scent profile for each, this bait product range is just the beginning when it comes to the expansion of the Outlaw Pro and the Outlaw Pro Products that we have to offer!

The final benefit that we provide to those that are shopping with us both online and in-store is discounts on a wide range of products thanks to our Outlaw Pro Membership Card as well as free next-working-day delivery on all products over the value of £20. It is this level of customer service that provides our customers with a unique purchasing experience.

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